It’s Come To This 

In a 4-1 loss to the Cardinals where the Mets bullpen was once again poor, Terry Collins said it is time for Neil Ramirez to get more opportunities. 

This is the same Ramirez who has the worst ERA+ and FIP on the Mets roster.  The same pitcher who has an 11.56 ERA and a 1.713 WHIP over his last five appearances. As a Mets, he has a 6.50 ERA and a 1.722 WHIP with a 7.5 BB/9. 

This is where the Mets are. Their manager is contemplating using his worst reliever more often. If that’s not a sign the Mets need sweeping changes, I don’t know what is. 

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  1. 2018 Overwatch League Champion Franchise says:

    The most telling statistic is this: The Mets are 5-21 against first-place and wild-card teams.

    When the NY Post mentioned that to Jose Reyes he had a one-word response: “Wow.’’

    He did not know? Holy cow

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I think players know things are going bad even if they don’t know just how poorly it’s going

      1. Saul's Colorist says:

        There are teams that want to dominate previous playoff opponents: Dodgers to the Mets

        There are Divisional Winners who psych out the Mets, never let them gain confidence to beat them even in Spring Training with non 40 man roster starters WHO NEVER TIRE in this on hot Summer Sunday Day Games!

        1990s Braves over the Mets year in year out
        2000s Phillies who developed a hate of the Mets
        2010s Nationals who now have finished off the Mets for years to come

        Even the teams the Mets dominated in the division last September said no more this April…

        Terry Collins is so ignorant of these – of the past – of a team’s need to be ruthless to an ends.

        It is too late for Terry Collins and way way too late for Jose Reyes.

        If the Mets are rebuilding their bullpen, their bench and at first base, third base, SS and second base…. getting Terry Collins on the cheap, paying Jose Reyes $2 million will save money to sign Bryce Harper.

        Just checking to see if anyone read this.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Honestly, I see no way the Mets sign Harper. The Mets haven’t delved that deep into free agency in Sandy’s tenure, and I don’t see them doing it with a player who is getting a contract well in excess of $300 million.

  2. Saul's Colorist says:

    Maybe Neil Ramirez will have a break out fall, and maybe the closer role will let him shine?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      You could say that, or you can look at his stats and say he shouldn’t be on a major league roster.

  3. Saul's Colorist says:

    Well, JEFF WILPON needed Harvey and monitoring precedent w MRIs was an expense he preferred to not take on.

    Skimping on MRIs?

    Newsday says w incredulity :

    “Warthen said Sunday that the procedure left Harvey with weakness in the muscles behind his throwing shoulder, which led to problems as he tried to pitch during the first half. Only after Harvey went on the disabled list did doctors discover that the muscles behind his right shoulder were roughly half the size of those on his left, Warthen said.

    “It totally atrophied,” he said. “He didn’t have the strength to maintain, so his bullpens wouldn’t be good. The first inning would be good and then all of a sudden that thing wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t fire. That’s been the whole thing. We’ve been building that back up the whole time.”

    1. metsdaddy says:

      As I noted before, Harvey should’ve began the year in Extended Spring Training

  4. Saul's Colorist says:

    Yes, and domrone should have researched all of the other pitcher’s recoveries, followed up w Harvey’s surgeon, asked the surgeon to recommend a physical therspist specialist or just give the guy ongoing physicals by a top NYC sports physiatrist.

    I went to one. They have booked schedules. He was on the 400 Block of E 72 Street.
    Harvey would have to visit or the Mets would have to hire the Dr for $250,000 for a part time gig at CitiField.

    I do not know if Jeff Wilpon would reimburse him for round trip carfare in black cars.

    In today’s world, you do not know who is telling the truth under oath, people changevtheir stories in 24 hours and the ONLY WAY TO EXPLAIN THE RESULTS WITH INJURIES….

    A) They is no authority that some players back down to do the MRIs
    B) Respect of mgmt is not convincing
    C) The horrible results mean that the medical staff management is bordering on incompetent for years…. IMO … 1) Jeff Wilpon is not delegating or delegating to the right people or he has hired some VERY bad professionals and/or he is SKIMPING

    I TORE MY ACL playing BB and I went to the Met Doctor’s private practice in 2003 after I first saw Dr. Henry Clarke.

    Clarke was a junior at Scott’s practice and subsequently went to Mayo AZ to teach. I knew nothing, Scott went skiing, it was XMas eve and Clarke had no reviews nor were reviews easy to get on anyone. It was mostly word of mouth. GREAT GUY!

    So I go from the Knick’s foctor to the Met’s Doctor.

    I left in the state of shock. This was not the junior but the Doctor for the Mets!

    Where Clarke and another gave me opinions of replacing the ACL with one from a cadaver, This guy not only wanted to graft one from my patella tendon but, I would be in danger of it failing within a few years and have to contend with recovery of the muscles associated with the ACL but also the knee where the graft came from.

    Another Dr who did ballerinas said the patella was useful for those had second tears and who were professional dancers, etc.. knowing the moderate downsides..

    That Doctor was gone two years later… i asked why was he hired and why did it take so long. I knew it in ten minutes.

    It was not the non gold std opinion but the entire demeanor, conversation etc… I was so let down, not for me but for the Mets!

    14 years ago!!!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      One thing people have consistently said is the Mets have the best doctors. As Pedro will tell you, there’s too much owner interference in players medical decisions.

  5. Saul's Colorist says:

    It is not only the Doctor it is the crucial approach to avoid injury, have pros running the team who command authority or hire ones who do and having consistent gold standard supervised recoveries A-Z.

    I am sure Harvey’s case is not like the other’s that the success rate is probably very high.

    I do not know Jeff Wilpon’s role, how he has changed since the brutal, angry accusations by Pedro Martinez and Carlos Beltran but not being the fly on the wall, only the results speak for themselves.

    In Japan the top guy falls on the sword and many of us would also.

    We are accountable and Jeff has not been accountable on virtually anything!!!

    It is getting sadder and sadder.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Judging from this season, Jeff hasn’t changed at all.

  6. Saul's Colorist says:

    News Alert!

    Justin Turner not tendered by the Mets was due to Mets still owing MLB money, selling 48% of the team for a paltry $240 million and Citifield bonds in junk status.

    He was released due to finances!!!!
    I just heard it for the first time!!!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      That’s just confirmation of what we all knew to be true at the time

  7. Saul's Colorist says:

    When you have no interest in connecting with people you have no idea that they have not peaked, you have no idea how to leverage their great qualities, you are impatient, you are easily seduced from glitter yet disguised hollowness from the outside and you dump Turner for he talks too much on move on….?

    People like Jeff Wilpon may have such low self esteem, no discernable life success on their own and may even will forever feel threatened by someone else blooming as an employee.

    They honored Piazza, Seaver and Glavine to get and to not give, no one else, they bring in no stars, no future HOFs in their productive sunset of the their careers, they are too big to honor greatness in others, to create a Met family.

    All timers game? They even throw Mr. Met under the bus. These fans abuse opposing team players and Security could care less!

    They could not sign a reliever in December but bought into a new sport at $20-$40 m down payment last week. They are silent about David Wright’s $20 m bring covered by insurance.

    Even Mike Vacarro of the NY Post enables them.

    He counts deferred payments to Bobby Bonilla etc as part of player payroll!
    The press has abandoned the fans.

    The Met fans are silent.
    Social media used by objectors? Nay?

    Jeff Wilpon is the only one that counts and no one really wants to stop him.

    Jake DeGrom do not sign a long term deal, get out!

  8. Corona's Group of Prospects in MLB's Top 100 says:

    ASG Showcase

    Wow, Arizonia got fleeced by Atlanta and still has drafted and kept Lamb, Pollock and Goldschmidt.

    The Dodgers drafted Seager, Bellinger etc.

    The Yankees are rebuilding for how long?? Sanchez, Judge (32nd pick)

    What have the Mets done, how impactful many homegrown stars?
    Position players?
    How do they stack up vs the other teams?


    “Newman and general manager Brian Cashman vividly remember scouting, working out and signing Sanchez to a $3 million bonus in 2009.

    At the time, Sanchez was far from an unknown.

    “He worked out for everybody,” Cashman said.

    But the Yankees dug deep on him.

    Newman said every single one of the Yankees’ scouts in the Dominican had seen Sanchez, big with broad shoulders an arm maybe as strong as it is today. International player development executives Donny Rowland and Gordon Blakeley, now a Braves special assistant to the GM, and the organization’s lead Dominican scout Victor Mata each pushed Newman and Cashman to commit to Sanchez.”

    The Mets have not outbid anyone?
    If so how often?
    The Mets have less intl scouts?
    The Mets pay scouts less?


    1. metsdaddy says:

      Mets did outbid everyone for Amed Rosario. He drafted Michael Conforto. Dominic Smith and others are on the horizon.

      Sandy did fleece the Blue Jays in the RA Dickey trade.

      There have been plenty of poor moves Sandy has made, but we shouldn’t pretend his tenure is devoid of quality players or moves.

  9. Corona's Group of Prospects in MLB's Top 100 says:

    Ok, Amed and Dom are in the same league as all of them.
    Dodgers, AZ, Body, NYY, Atl, Co, Miami, etc.

    Too early on Seth and Gsell…

    Yet guess what ?

    How many of the previous WS winners won it with:

    Home grown starters and trade/FA acquired regulars, home grown bench?


    Mostly FA durable starters, homegrown regulars and mixed bench

    How many impact players have the Mets signed as Level One, Level Two, Level Three, Level 4 (unique roles) from:

    Puerto Rico

    Predominantly DR…

    How much money vs the other teams on these free agents?
    Then on MLB free agents?
    Tendering guys like Turner even if he gets MLB money in AAA.
    Developing stars from the draft and locking them up with controllable tradable contracts?

    Was it a huge miss that for xx years no one from Japan, Korea or Taiwan?
    Self destructive marketing?
    NYC metro, like it is mostly Homogenous- around their DR facility mixed in with rare FA signings if Wilmer and Cabrera? Wilmer before Sandy.

    So, with the WS in 2015, Sandy felt in 2016 2017 that the talent here was young enough to win whenever Don and Amed FINALLY groved as MLBers!


    If Eisenhower gave no gas to Patton, his tanks would be grounded in place.
    Here, Jeff Wilpon starves Sandy throughout his responsibilities in scouting, metrics etc etc, Jeff spends his working capital outside Citifield

    As of six years of Jeff/Sandy :

    Lugo, Gsellman, Fulmer, Reynolds, Nimmo, Cechini, Chase Bradford, Paul Sewald,
    Amed, Plawecki, Dom, Nieunhous, Varrett, Goeddel, Akeel Morris, Cessa, CF traded for Blevins etc

    Synderguuard trade w GM not GMing anymore.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Here’s the issue with criticizing the Mets for failing to get Asian players – it has yet to be a good return for your money.

      For the most part, the pitchers out of Japan have not been as good in the majors as they have been in Japan. For the money those players command, it’s arguably better to invest elsewhere like the DR where the Mets have gone time and again to get big prospects.

      1. McKinsey Inc. says:

        The Mets owners are :

        – Not all in on – Getting international fans
        – Not all in on – Making max revenue
        – Not all in on – Getting bullpen or paying for it
        – Not all in on – Searching for talent outside of Hispaneola
        – Not all in on – ‘seriously’ Committing to win after 2015
        – Not all in on – Having a very good sabermetrics dept
        – Not all in on – Signing long term contracts that can be traded
        – Not all in on – Avoiding injuries or proper monitoring after rehab (Harvey’s shoulder)
        – Not all in on – Making Citifield an evolving fluid, fun, exciting, destination where winning does not have to be everything

        THE MET’s owners – ARE NOT NOT THERE…..

        keep it on the Q.T. – it is our secret

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I’m not sure this is all correct. The Mets have been among the biggest spenders in two of the last three years on the IFA market.

          Also, we know the Wilpons are all about maximizing revenue.

          The main issue is the Mets mismanaged this window. A large part of that is ownership not willing to spend as a New York team.

  10. Saul's Colorist says:

    Well, I have no database of all the players from the countries I listed.
    You say all of them is overpriced or just crapshoot – I get it on their first contracts.
    But deals are to had on secondary FAgency.

    The Mets are a joke!!! In every facet of running a company!!!!!!!

    Huge easy opportunities to introduce the game to more Koreans and to the Chinese who are one stop away… not one attempt… is beyond infantile and as oblivious as ANY MARKETING FAILURE I HAVE EVER SEEN….

    What about eventually getting the right food stalls of Asian foods after a few years of research, trial, error, feedback?!!!!!!



    Modells on Main Street next to the #7 train had 400% more Yankee caps than Mets in 2014.

    Yet, stores who drag you in as a new customer via the lowest price get no loyalty…
    They treat you as one dimensional.

    Was the idea of theme parks to transcend W L records?
    To give smaller market teams assists in inducing high attendance?
    Obviously- the concept was not Wilpon nor do they walk thru PNC…

    They would have no clue what to look for?

    Intimacy, connection, validation of them as customers (any customer), JUST PRINTING A FEW PROMOTIONAL SIGNS IN MANDARIN breeds loyalty where won loss records matter quite less..

    Who the freak is incharge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If this was a public stock…. i would short it every April 1…,

    Hate is a very very strong word…
    But i dislike ownership so so much and …

    1. metsdaddy says:

      For each and every Mets problem, the root cause is ownership. It’s the same with any other franchise in pro sports, especially the Knicks.

      Frankly, this window has been mismanaged in almost every way possible.

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