What Mets Team Has Terry Collins Been Watching?

No one should expect a manager to publicly criticize his players.  We also shouldn’t exactly anticipate a manager will be 100% honest in his responses.  Still, there are times when a manager gives answers to honest questions, and he reveals part of himself.  When Terry Collins does this, the answers are downright scary.

Zach Braziller of the New York Post posited a question to Collins if the Mets would platoon Jay Bruce, Michael Conforto, and Curtis Granderson when Yoenis Cespedes returns.  Collins’ answer to the question was he thought Conforto is tiring.  This is a nonsense.

In the Month of May, Conforto hit .314/.426/.627 with nine doubles, a triple, seven homers, and 21 RBI.  Over the last two weeks, he is hitting .333/.472/.643.  But sure, he’s the one who’s tiring.  Not Bruce who is hitting .210/.296/.430 with seven doubles, five homers, and 19 RBI in May.  Over the last two weeks, Bruce is hitting .214/.300/.429.

There is a world of acceptable answers to this question including Terry’s favorite, “You hit, you play.”  Maybe he’s abandoned it because he really doesn’t follow the mantra especially when he’s batting Jose Reyes second and Bruce third in the lineup.  Speaking of Reyes, Collins had a doozy of an answer about Reyes:

Seriously, how can anyone have anything positive to say about Reyes’ play this season?  He’s been a bad baseball player.  Among the everyday players, Reyes has the worst batting average, OBP, slugging, OPS+, wRC+, and WAR.  You name it, and he’s bad at it.  About the only thing you can say about Reyes is he leads the Mets in stolen bases with six.  Despite all of this, Reyes bats second in the lineup instead of playing the Eric Young, Jr. role as a pinch runner.

Given his managerial decisions, Collins’ answers have given insight into what he really believes to be true.  Somehow he believes Conforto is the player who is tired, and Reyes is getting on base.  It really makes you question if he’s actually watching the games.

One thought on “What Mets Team Has Terry Collins Been Watching?”

  1. Mets2018 says:

    Newspapers are posting that reinforcements are coming.

    If you ask me I would have Smed xmd Dom get there strike outs lower BBs up in Vegas before they are called up.

    Who knows if they are even coaching it.

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