Seen This Loss Too Many Times This Year

The Mets fought hard to get back into this game.  In the end, it was the usual culprits that would let the Mets down – injuries, defense, and the bullpen. 

After Curtis Granderson led off the game with a home run off Dan StrailyRobert Gsellman would just give the lead back. 

In the bottom of the first, the Marlins had runners on first and second with two outs, but Gsellman couldn’t come up with that big pitch to get out of the inning. Justin Bour singled to tie the game, and Martin Prado doubled to give the Marlins a 3-1 lead. 

It was one of those nights where you knew Gsellman probably wasn’t long for the game. You’d be right, but not for the reason you’d expect. 

In the fourth, Lucas Duda got a rally started with a one out double, and it appeared as if the Mets would strand him there. Travis d’Arnaud came up with the big two out RBI single pulling the Mets within one. 

Then came the Gsellman injury. Gsellman would ground out to the pitcher. On the play, he’d vacillate between jogging and busting it. It led to a leg injury. Rather go on a rant here about another injury, it’s best to leave it to Ron Darling:

This led to Paul Sewald getting thrown into the game. He did a great job pitching three scoreless innings keeping the Mets in the game. It allowed d’Arnaud to tie the game with a solo shot off Kyle Barraclough

The hit got the Mets going, and it seemed as if the Mets might take the lead. Brandon Nimmo worked out a pinch hit walk, and Granderson smoked a grounder up the middle. 

That’s when JT Riddle made a phenomenal play on the Granderson grounder to get a 6-6-3 inning ending double play. 

With the game tied at 3-3 heading into the bottom of the seventh, Terry Collins went to Neil Ramirez and his 6.66 ERA. You knew nothing good would come of this. 

Ramirez would issue a leadoff walk to J.T. Realmuto, and Riddle would smoke a grounder towards Duda. It was difficult, but Duda needs to make that play. The ball hit off his glove setting up first and third with no outs. 
Like all Mets fans, Collins had enough of Ramirez and went to Jerry Blevins, who has pitched poor of late, to pitch to Ichiro Suzuki

Being the wily veteran with 3,049 career hits entering the game, Ichiro knew just where to hit it – right by Wilmer Flores, who went in the completely wrong direction:

From there, Blevins walked Giancarlo Stanton to get to the left-handed Christian Yelich.  The move didn’t work as Yelich hit a two run single giving the Marlins a 6-3 lead. 

This loss was the same loss that we’ve been seeing all season long. This is the same loss that has derailed the Mets season. 

Game Notes: Michael Conforto was not available to pinch hit after getting hit on the wrist in Sunday’s game. Erik Goeddel pitched 1.2 scoreless. He has three scoreless innings in three appearances this year. 

0 thoughts on “Seen This Loss Too Many Times This Year”

  1. Meet these Mets says:

    Too bad the Miami Marlins could afford Martin Prado and the Mets could not (yep, he is over thirty, DL year and a three year deal!)

    Sometimes superstars are needed to decide games by themselves irregardless who they are playing. Blevins is not a shutdown pitcher!

    The Mets should sign this pitcher/hitter Babe Ruthian kid from Japan but we all know he will not want to play here.

    If the Yankees get him… that is the karma that Saul and Jeff truly deserve!

    1. Small Ball says:

      Yep, they saw a better future with Wilmer than Murph.
      So next year do the Mets pick up Cabrera’s option?

    2. metsdaddy says:

      Prado was signed before he hit the FA market, so I can’t fault the Mets for that one

      Otani is out for the season in Japan

  2. Gothamist says:

    Travis doubled his 2016 RBI total even before July 1!

    Goeddel has a ERA OF 0.00, a career best!

    Compare the two teams linups last night and then project them again for 2018 using Spotrac.

    1. Meet these Mets says:

      Time to rebuild?

      Crystal ball : As of 2019 that may not have up to 6 relievers needed to compete for a Wildcard. Figuring that THEY HAVE BULLPEN WOWS out now … and decide to dump NOW for AA pitching prospects who will be ready for 2019?

      Miami’s is not much better but their lineup is packed!
      and Miami is ready and they EVEN have a veteran bats off the bench and THEY HAVE two back up shortstops who can field!

      If Familia is not worth commiting to AS A FA they not only have no closer in 2019 but just Sewald on the roster now. Maybe CHRIS FLEXEN can come up to be on the APRIL 2019 roster.

      Maybe in Vegas the CURRENT staff of disastrous WHIP has a MLB caliber pitcher? Maybe Conlon etc? YET …There are no huge K pitchers in the system that I see,

      If I could dump Matz that would be a start but who do they really have to trade even if they have a great July?

      FOR 2019, hitting wise …THIS IS LOOKING DISMAL FOR THE FUTURE…
      EVEN IF THEY TAKE $60 million in FA contracts next year (leaving $$$$ for 2019 to sign Harvey and Familia… who are available as 2019 FAs at $60m total salary and for how many years…?

      They would still be 8-10 players short to put together a 25 man roster that can go deep into Oct.




      AT WHAT COST…..


  3. Small Ball says:

    Donald Timmons:

    “Mets are in serious trouble – both in 2017 and in the future. 2017 is completely shot & hope they can get something in return when they dump their walk year players by July 31: Walker, Duda, Granderson, Reed & Bruce. Lets take an advance look to 2018. Position players: who is going to be their: CF, 2B, 1B, 3B & C?!? Rosario will slot into SS, but will he excel or be yet another Met farmhand that flames out in MLB? Pitching staff is just as bad: relief corps? Yikes – what a train wreck. Starters? Well, all of them will be coming back from injuries in 2017 (except DeGrom). At least we had the magic of 2015!!”

    Don, the boycott will finally start!

  4. Gothamist says:

    I do not know the needs of the teams in the playoff race?

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