Mets Need A Long Man In The Bullpen

There are many problems with the Mets bullpen this year.  One of the most understated is the complete and utter lack of a long man in the bullpen for much of the season.  This has led to Terry Collins needing to trotting out a series of relievers whenever a starter can’t go deep into games.  It has led to Collins pushing relievers past their breaking points.

This has saw Hansel Robles completely break down to the point where he’s not even an effective Triple-A reliever.  Collins stretched Josh Smoker to the point where he first was sent down to the minors, and then to the point where he landed on the Disabled List.  With Smoker gone, Paul Sewald seems to be the guy who gets stretched out for three innings despite his being a 1-2 inning closer in most of his time in the minor leagues.

Doing that means Smoker and Sewald, two pitchers who should have been establishing themselves as late inning relievers this season, have been bounced around in their roles.  We have seen uneven performances from them this year to the point where the Mets really don’t know what they have in either pitcher.  More to the point, it has led to Neil Ramirez pitching in important spots.

The latest example was on Tuesday.  The Mets were riding high after a sweep of the Giants, and the team was in a soft part of the schedule where they could have reasonably been at or even over .500 going into the All Star Break.  At that point, who knows?

And this Mets team looked resilient last night.  Robert Gsellman went down in the top of the fourth.  Sewald came on and gave the team three good innings they desperately needed.  Travis d’Arnaud had two RBI, including a solo home run, to tie the game at 3-3 entering the bottom of the seventh.  With Sewald, one of the better relievers on the team, no longer available, Collins went with Ramirez.  To the surprise of no one, Ramirez would earn the loss.

Why was he and his demonic 6.66 ERA even an option?  Ultimately, it is because of the Mets refusal to carry a long man in the bullpen.  Instead, the team would rather carry a group of pitchers who ideally should be limited to two innings or less that can post high strikeout numbers.

Why couldn’t the Mets carry Tyler Pill as the long reliever.  Sure, he was predictably lackluster, but that is a significant upgrade from Ramirez being an abject disaster. While it is a small sample size, there are indications Pill could be useful as a long man.  In this three games, the first time through the lineup teams are only hitting .250/.296/.292 off of him.  Extrapolating this out, this means Pill could be good to keep the Mets into a game for about three innings.

This could led to the Mets turning the game over to their best relievers late in the game.  Instead, the Mets would rather pitch their pitchers past their breaking points.  They would rather pitch Ramirez in important spots.  While there are many things you can pinpoint for the Mets failures this season, it’s the lack of a long man in the bullpen needs to be front and center.

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  1. nothing is going to change says:

    Maybe Ramirez, Milone, Seward can anchor the first bullpen in 2018 where the average pitch velocity is sub 88 mph?

    88 in month 8 of 2018

    Eights are lucky for many..,

    1. metsdaddy says:

      If Neil Ramirez is on the Opening Day roster next year, Sandy should be fired

      1. Gothamist says:

        Yet those FREE AGENT signings [believing their club could go to the WS] of Tommy Milone and Ben Rowen would of gotten any GM fired….

        “The off season that Jeffrey believed in Ben and Tom….”

        Next year, who are the GM candidates?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          Rowen was a minor league signing, and Milone was a waiver wire pick-up. Neither were supposed to pitch for the Mets this year.

  2. Gothamist says:

    I would focus first on a search for those who might work for ‘Mutt + Jeff’ after Sandy Alderson retires this winter…

    1. metsdaddy says:

      As many have said, Ricco will be the GM

      1. Wait Till Next Year [(1940s-1950s) Brooklyn Dodger Fans] says:

        Paid his dues, trusted by Jeffrey, but will he stand up to the dicktator?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          No one knows how he’ll do until he’s entrusted with the job

          1. Carl Jung says:

            We better know his skill sets and results by now?
            I would look at Assts to other GMs also.
            Who was behind the drafts for the Dodgers, Cubs, Cleveland, Nats?
            To be Theo’s first lieutenant for five years… must be worth talking to…

            Maybe run some columns on replacing Sandy?
            Talk about attributes?

            When Ford was in trouble they brought in a top pro from another organization, Boeing.
            Didn’t Podesta so to the NFL?

            Is it the person, learning curve speed, willingness to constantly uncover, to learn and independent thinking that also matters?

            But if the boss isn’t, is of average IQ, is controlling, anxious and operates on fear and the flattest organizational chart how does that ever happen? Would he want to hire him, would he ever want to work with that type of boss?

          2. metsdaddy says:

            I don’t see any reason to replace Sandy.

      2. Gothamist says:

        If Ricco gets bypassed, bye bye – Ricco will walk.
        Yet if he was a top five NL GM (a must for the NY franchise)
        Would he have had substantial offers so far to leave?

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I think people have previously asked to interview him.

      3. Gothamist says:

        Viscerally speaking I would only promote from within if the promotion was a step up from setting up a top notch scouting, drafting, Intl focus, player development resume if not a few minor keague titles…

        Add high exposure to data!

        1. Anna Freud says:

          Joan Payson was a minority owner of the NY Giants (NL)
          Her children hired M. Donald Grant and before?

          “The year 1965 is by most measure, when the New York Metropolitan Baseball Club began an earnest movement towards team building, and adopted a fully focused player developmental mindset. The first man ever to occupy the office of Mets General Manager, George Weiss, brought in the wildly successful Bing Devine from the St. Louis Cardinals organization. Devine eventually assumed the office of President and General Manager, and served through the 1967 season.

          Before his departure, he made two brilliant decisions. Joe McDonald started with the Mets in 1962 as a statistician. In 1967, Bing Devine named him Director of Scouting. That same season, Devine also named Whitey Herzog Director of Player Development. Herzog was originally hired in 1966 to coach first, then third base. This triumvirate of Bing Devine, Whitey Herzog, and Joe McDonald, were chiefly responsible for assembling the 1969 Miracle Mets, and the Amazin’s of ’73.”

          So if you have a riding star reward him, if not screw loyalty and focus on priority number one and hire talent from elsewhere with $$$$ or release them from a glass ceiling.

          Yet, the new GM in AZ coming from Boston, would he EVER WORK FOR JEFF WILPON?

          “With the departure of Bing Devine, Johnny Murphy took over, and was GM when the Mets won the World Series over the Orioles. To Murphy’s credit, Mets history might read differently if he had not first acquired manager Gil Hodges in a trade, then Donn Clendenon in another.

          In 1970, the club suffered the first of a series of major blows that shook the organization to its foundation. Johnny Murphy succumbed to a heart attack. Then in April 1972, Gil Hodges was also stricken by a heart attack and likewise passed away.

          Prior to the 1972 season, Whitey Herzog was passed over in favor of Yogi Berra to succeed Gil Hodges as manager. Before year’s end, Herzog, a brilliant baseball mind, left the Mets in favor of a managerial position with the Rangers.”

          1. Carl Rogers PhD. says:

            Great history, great lessons.

            I would not want John Ricco to be GM of the year with the Phillies

  3. Gothamist says:

    AAA Report:

    Outside of runs scored, KEVIN PLAWECKI is NOT by game played at higher power, lower K ptofuced than the fatiqued Dom Smith and Amed Rosario.

    Rosario has had few SBs since early May and Dom is not getting the ball over the fence sufficiently for a first baseman in that league one year away from starting in NY/NL.

    Time to stay fixated on a platoon next year at first?

    I say get Cabrera’s option picked up when possible and talk about super sub status.
    Amed may already be losing weight in 2017 and we are not into July and Amed (at how old?) may not ready for 135-150 games as starting SS next year in NY.

    Cabrera can play SS? Second? Third?
    Is he a switch hitter?

    Well let the new GM sit down with Cabrera…


  4. metsdaddy says:

    Cabrera will likely be the second baseman next year. Rosario will be the SS

    1. Gothamist says:

      Are there absolutes?

      Cabrera gives his all, gets injured is getting older, his SS has obviously suffered.
      Has had recent injuries below the waist preceding his decline at SS, what if he declines also at second also. Is he serviceable?


      NEXT YEAR, CECCHINI will not be in LV and likely we see TJ and Wilmer here.
      As Cabrera gets hurt he does come into games as a PH or as a late replacement.
      He can be a fair back up SS.

      I do not get this pidgeon hole thinking ar Citi.

      His range at any infield position other than SS is good or very good.
      His play at First Base would be equal to Wilmer? Better?

      Who would you prefer hitting against Trevor Rosenthal – ninth inning, Wildcard Game… Wilmer or Cabrera?

      Well I would want Cabrera here for years to come… IMO

      1. metsdaddy says:

        I’m saying Cabrera is an everyday player in the majors, and his best spot is at 2B.

        He doesn’t have the bat for the corner IF, and he’s too good to be a part time player.

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