I Still Have Hope . . . Sandy Shouldn’t

After a sweep of the Giants in San Francisco, fans could allow themselves hope for the 2017 season again.  Yes, the Giants are a dreadful team, but there was a lot to like about the Mets in that series.  If you dig deeper, there is still things to like about this Mets team.

Jacob deGrom is in a stretch where he has gone at least eight innings in three consecutive starts.  This could be the best stretch of his career, which is certainly saying something.

Rafael Montero has now had three consecutive strong outings allowing just two earned runs over his last 14.1 inning pitched. In this stretch, he not only finally looks like a major league pitcher, he looks like a good major league pitcher.

Curtis Granderson has been the best hitting National League outfielder in the month of June (204 wRC+), and he’s been hitting .297/.408/.595 with 13 doubles, two triples, nine homers, and 23 RBI since May 1st.

Jay Bruce has been resurgent hitting .315/.358/.629 with four doubles, eight homers, and 17 RBI.  He’s on pace for his first 40 home run season and just his second 100 RBI season.

While acting unprofessional about the switch to second base in the clubhouse, Asdrubal Cabrera has been nothing but professional on the field going 7-14 in the series and playing a very good second base. 

Lucas Duda is flat out raking hitting .375/.474/.813 over the past week, and as we know when Duda gets hot like this, he can carry the team for a long stretch.  Just ask the 2015 Nationals.

Lost in all of that is Yoenis Cespedes being Cespedes, Addison Reed being a dominant closer, and Seth Lugo stabilizing the rotation.  There is even the specter of David Wright returning to the lineup.  When you combine that with the Mets schedule, this team is primed to reel off nine straight wins.

If the Mets were to win nine straight, they would be just one game under .500.  At that point, the Mets will be red hot heading to another big series in Washington.  Last time the teams played there, the Mets took two of three.  After that is a bad Cardinals team before the All Star Break.

Combine this hypothetical Mets run with a Rockies team losing six straight, and the Mets are right back in the mix with a bunch of teams hovering around .500 for a shot at the postseason.  Last year, the Mets were under .500 as late as August 19th, and they still made the postseason.  Throw in a potential Amed Rosario call up, and you really have things cooking.  Why not this year’s team?

Well, that’s easy.  The bullpen is a mess.  You have no idea when Noah Syndergaard and Neil Walker can return if they can return at all.  Jose Reyes is playing everyday.  The route to the postseason partially relies upon Montero being a good major league pitcher, and the Mets calling up Rosario.  At this point, those are two things no one should rely.

As a fan?  We should all enjoy the ride for as long as it will carry us.  As Mets fans, we have seen miracles.  We saw this team win in 1969.  We saw a team dead in the water in 1973 go all the way to game seven of the World Series.  We watched a Mookie Wilson grounder pass through Bill Buckner‘s legs.  We saw Mike Piazza homer in the first game in New York after 9/11.

As fans, we can hold out hope for the impossible.  We can dream.  Sandy doesn’t have that luxury.  He needs to look at the reality of the Mets situation and make the best moves he possibly can.  That includes trading Bruce, Duda, Granderson, and any other veteran who can get him a good return on the trade market.

That still shouldn’t stop us from dreaming.  Who knows?  Maybe Rosario, Gavin Cecchini, and Dominic Smith can led the Mets to the postseason after Sandy is done selling.

0 thoughts on “I Still Have Hope . . . Sandy Shouldn’t”

  1. Gothamist says:

    They lost me this season.
    I live in queens, kids are living independently.
    Even with Keith, Ron, Gary I can not watch them without TIVO svans or even have the game on in the background. If they only spent bucks on the pen they would have win eight more…. it is the money..

    Why does Familia play Winter Ball every year?

    I turn down free tickets left and right.

    If they upgrade the food offerings or even recycle the non $.05 redeemables I will have a warmer feeling there as a destination.

    At Citi….EVERYTHING SEEMS SO OUT OF TOUCH OR DISCONNECTED WITH MLB 2017 baseball from entering the stadium to food offerings near the seats menus from the 1990s. They are much nicer and much more attentive in the concessions!

    I love the seat widths, the proximity to the field but all this HR scoring, no speed, TC abusing the players is such a turn off….

    Will they get Billy Hamilton or will Champ Stuart get over the humps for late 2018?
    The Nats sold the house for Adam Eaton for much more than his reasonable contract?

    Ask Charlie Blackmon?

    How did the Dodger scouts get Bellinger right in the x round?
    Seager was not a top five pick…

    Bye bye Travis, if you were durable you could be a back up…

    Matz needs a new pitch to replace his slider and to start holding men on?
    It aint no Andy Petit!! He has not been much at all at Citi….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      TdA is a starting caliber catcher. When Terry plays him regularly he hits. Unfortunately, Terry is a bad manager.

  2. Gothamist says:

    Agree on the second point. TC has good qualities- I heard from you directly…

    If they sign Lucroy is Travis here or elsewhere?

    Did the Mets give him opportunities?
    Was he the named started since 2015?
    How is his brother faring?

  3. Meet these Mets says:

    I think Travis is a terrific teammate.

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