Not Worth Staying Up To Watch

No matter how bad the Mets are, I am in front of the TV, or I have the radio on to see how the game is going.  Heck, even on the day I was married, I tipped the limo driver extra to give me score updates.  Jon Niese was starting that day, and Carlos Beltran wasn’t playing due to his pre-season knee surgery, so I had to tip a little extra.  I use that as the context for my going to sleep last night.

The Mets are not just playing bad baseball right now, they’re playing depressing baseball right now.  It was the same thing yesterday.

To start the game, the Mets had Zack Greinke on the ropes.  After Curtis Granderson earned a bases loaded walk, the Mets rally ended.  Sure, it is unreasonable to expect Tommy Milone to deliver an RBI in that spot.  And yes, it is hard to get on Michael Conforto for striking out in that spot considering how good he has been to start the season.  The Mets offense has also been humming of late, so again, you can’t get on the offense too much.  Still, it was demoralizing because with Milone on the mound, you knew the Mets needed more than just that one run.

And they did.  Gregor Blanco hit a two RBI single to give the Diamondbacks a 2-1 lead.  After Paul Goldschmidt was intentionally walked, Chris Owings hit an RBI single to make it 3-1.  At that point, you figured things can’t possibly get any worse.  It did.  Owings would break for second, and Rene Rivera would have nailed him if Owings didn’t get caught in a run-down.  While this is happening, Lucas Duda notices Goldschmidt break for home, and of course, he makes a terrible throw home allowing Goldschmidt to score.

As a Mets fan, you were disgusted.  Right now, the team is finding different ways to make watching them more painful.  Duda reminding you of the Eric Hosmer play took the cake.

I didn’t go to bed immediately.  The anger had to subside.  I got to see the Granderson homer.  No, I wasn’t fooled into thinking they would win the game.  I feel asleep not to long after that.  I didn’t even try to fight it.  I subsequently missed the Rivera two run homer, and the Paul Sewald appearance.

Overall, it doesn’t matter.  It’s hard to watch this team right now, and it is harder to watch them when games start at 9:30 at night.  Thankfully, today’s game starts at 3:40.  As a result, you will only lose sleep over them going over what transpired during the game as opposed to watching those things transpire.

Game Notes: Asdrubal Cabrera finally hit the disabled list, and the Mets added Neil Ramirez and his 8.71 ERA to help the bullpen.

8 thoughts on “Not Worth Staying Up To Watch”

  1. Gothamist says:

    I now watch the Mets on Tivo.
    Triple scan until there is a man on second or a HR.

    In reply to Joel Sherman NY Post Never had Terry’s presason’s confidence of the teams fortunes.

    Joel wrote a piece today that made no sense.

    Joel said it was a long shot at best but the Mid Market Mets could succeed as the Waiver Wire Wonders.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      It’s still too early to sell

  2. Gothamist says:

    I do not see it as selling….
    Why sell?
    Sell the team, definitely!

    I just do not think the Mets have anything remotely close to Sherman’s 2005 Yankee core of Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Mussina, Giambi, Sheffield, Rodriquez, Randy Johnson, Tom Gordon, Chacon, Tino and Matsui…

    Sell who?
    Mets sell Neil Walker, Jay Bruce, Grandy, Duda, Reyes?
    I would wait until mid July.
    Never ever thought about it.
    Yet, I am sure Alderson is scouting as we speak, bet on it!

    Back to Sherman.

    The 2005 Yankees had a payroll of $281,000,000 in
    2017 dollars.

    After David Wright’s insurance pays again the MID MARKET METS will be at $134,000,000

    By 2018 the Yankees will be working back to drawing 4,000,000 fans (at much higher prices) if, a big if, the MMM’s can top 2,500,000 next year it would take an near injury free starting staff into June and Rosario, Dom Smith, Conforto, Cespesdes, TJ, Cabrera to all deliver big.

    If the Mets can not get big production from Rosario and Dom Smith next year, assuming no big bats acquired and/or either the starters or pen falters Citifield will be quite quiet. Under 2,000,000 gate is remote, but no impossible.

    Maybe it is a dynamic of then a nemerging miracle where the MMMs become the Big Market Mets?

    Make the lemonade….
    I will donate a lemon presser!!!
    To do as a silver lining seeing them selling and finally WE THE FANS finally get a BMM ownership, would you buy and donate a lemonade presser also?

    I do not know about the Doubleday, Wilpon, Cashen and Gorman regime that got us the 1984-1987 Mets.

    Were they the Big Market Mets?

    Doubleday did not depart for a few years and the Mets from 1989-2004 were?

    Not the NY Yankees…..

    Only if I could switch to being a Yankee fan?! I can not.

    Well the Mets were always number one to me but to the present ownership IMO the fans were never number one.

    It is like a owner of a building who evicts my business after 20 years or a lease renewal increase I can not afford …. so I depart…

    Yep, like a real estate relationship where the building owner only priotizes himself.
    He looks only at the cash and almost nothing else as a stakeholder.


    One stakeholder, and not the fans!!!!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      If you’re moving players, you are effectively selling.

      I think the Mets can be competitive and sell, but I’d still like for them to keep this team together for at least a month

  3. Gothamist says:

    There is no way they will sell a player until the deadline.

    If Sandy chose to start negotiating a trade he will wait until the deadline to get his asking price.

    No one will be moved until July…. I guarantee it

    If the return is nil by mid July then the MMMs will keep a Jay Bruce, hope to sell more tickets into September go into November without saying they would like him back (they will not want him) to create optimism and try to renew as many season tickets as possible.

    The shell game approach is so proven by ONE EXAMPLE, the way they handled Syndergaard’s start against the Braves…

    One columnist called it consumer fraud….
    Look it up, I did not say nor do I have the facts he or she claimed to have.

    As I told you gate is ALWAYS more important than anything else.

    They are paying $150,000,000 ANNUALLY from SNY and Mets to Picard.
    Their Citi construction debt WAS in junk status into 2016, they pay that too.
    They get a paltry $46m from SNY into 2024.

    They are heavy in debt to Picard into 2021 and then they NOW are developing SIMULTANEOUSLY Flushing with Stephen Ross, the owner of the Dolphins and also a Michigan Wolverine alumnus.

    This has been a private club approach including Ross and the X Commissioner HOF WANNABE SELIG who lent the team $100 m in 2011, who forced Sandy Alderson on the team, gave Sandy a limited autonomy for a few years.


    If they sell the MMMs it will be out of self dealing, going forward similiar but lesser machinations and if they sell it will be unpredictable!

    They do not have a Carlos Beltran to deal.

    I can not speak for you but I rooted for the Mets in that Madoff mess, I believed them, I sweated it out for them. Then Mr Saul Katz was brought out to the press. I feel exploited, used and I lost COMPLETE confidence with press.

    I feel abandoned, I see no transparency and if this leads to regime change then hallelujah!!!!

    LET US SHOOT HIGH OR let it collapse!

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I was right there with you during the Madoff debacle

  4. Gothamist says:

    That debacle will end 2021.
    The money for 2004-2006 will be paid back for free cash for 2022.
    Do you feel that as a fan you were treated well?
    You rooted for the Wilpons but the guy who was in bed with the Madoff was Saul Katz.
    In 2006 they had Madoff annual returns so they lessened the SNY contract for 18 years and today there is $50m less money for:

    A real analytic department
    Signing FA Cubans
    Signing FA
    Hiring the better more expendive scouts?

    The SNY contract is another casualty (Madoff) for the Met fans into 2030!!!!!!!!!

    This aint a contract average of md market but below mid market.
    Below Philly, Detroit, Baltimore, Pittsburgh or KC!!!’

    You do the math:

    The owners bought the team whole in 2000, used Madoff when they could spend, we suffered with them, we suffered after they stopped suffering.

    We will suffer until 2022-2025

    They will have no substantive debt, a decision on SNY contract where to park equity and they will have paid off Madoff’s Picard, Citifield will be more than half way paid off, the will have a Flushing bonanza surrounding Citifield and Jeff and his kids will be solidly in charge for another generation and a half.

    If he does run into a roadblock of his own doing, the office building market tanks with Sterling Equities do the fans suffer more or less than the Wilpon Katz families?

    Who paid the ultimate price?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Fans were not treated well. They still aren’t.

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