Insight Into Terry Collins

Yesterday, when Terry Collins spoke with the media prior to the game, he said, “You just think in your heart he’s going to break out, so you want him in there.”  (Mike Puma, New York Post).  That quotation there perfectly summarizes how Collins manages this team.

During Collins’ tenure with the Mets, we have heard different philosophies as to how Collins manages the team.  At points, he has gone with “You hit, you play.”  Like many other managers, Collins has at times stated his belief that people will eventually play to the back of his baseball card.  He’s talked about playing the hot hand.  He’s referenced playing a hunch.  At different points in time, those may have been true.  However, overall, that’s not what Collins uses as his guiding principle in managing.

Typically speaking, Collins has an undying faith in his players.  That goes double for his veteran players.  This is why we see Curtis Granderson and Jose Reyes in the lineup despite both of them hitting below the Mendoza Line.  This is why it takes forever for T.J. Rivera to crack the lineup despite his hitting at each and every level he has played.

This is why he uses the same guys over and over again in the bullpen.  It’s not that he doesn’t have faith in Paul Sewald.  It is that he is supremely confident in Addison Reed, Fernando Salas, and Hansel Robles.  Collins has seen them perform in huge spots time and again.  He has confidence they will come up big in huge spots again because deep down Collins believes it.

Last night, Granderson rewarded him for his faith.  Despite being mired in what is among the worst slumps of his career, if not the worst, the .144 hitting Granderson went out there last night and went 1-3 with a bases loaded walk and a solo home run.  But that’s just one day.  Granderson and frankly the rest of the team is going to have the reward the faith Collins has in them.

If they don’t, things are going to get worse before they get any better.  Yes, things can actually get worse than they are right now.  They can because Collins is going to to rely on the same guys who are floundering time and time again until they fail, and even after that.  Deep down Collins has faith in his team.  It’s time they return the favor by playing much better much in the same way Granderson did last night.

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