Collins Made Sure The 6-1 Lead Held Up

It doesn’t matter how poorly the Giants are playing this season. If Zack Wheeler is going to pitch like he did tonight, he is going to beat even the best offensive teams. 

Through six innings, Wheeler allowed just two hits and one run. The only issue was the four walks, but with the stuff he had there was no way the Giants were capitalizing. His slider was sharp, and he was getting his fastball up to 98 MPH. The only damage against him was a Buster Posey fourth inning solo homer. 

By the time Posey hit that homer, the game was effectively over. The resurgent Mets offense jumped all over Jeff Samardzija

In the first, Eduardo Nunez misplayed a Neil Walker ball into a two RBI “triple.”  The ball was likely going to land and score one run, but it was not a triple. 

Jose Reyes singled home Walker, and Rene Rivera doubled him home. Just like that it was 4-0. 

In the second, back-to-back doubles by Michael Conforto and T.J. Rivera made it 5-0. In the seventh, Conforto put the final nail in the coffin hitting a solo home run to left-center field. 

Now, despite having a 6-1 lead in a May game against a terrible offense, Terry Collins managed the eighth inning like it was the eighth inning in the seventh game of the World Series. 

After a scoreless seventh, Collins let Hansel Robles start the eighth.  After Robles hit Justin Ruggiano, Collins brought in Jerry Blevins to pitch to the left-handed hitters Joe Panik and Brandon Belt. Collins went to Blevins despite him being used way too frequently early this season despite the score being 6-1, and despite left-handed hitters hitting just 1-19 off Robles. 

After Blevins got the two lefties, Collins went to Addison Reed to face Hunter Pence because of a little known MLB rule that if Pence hits a home run in Citi Field in the eighth inning of a game played on May 9th with the Giants down by five runs, the home run counts for 10 runs. 

This ladies and gentleman is why Collins has stuck around long enough to pass Bobby Valentine for the second most games managed in Mets history. 

Naturally, given how close this 6-1 game was Collins went to Jeurys Familia to close it out in the ninth. Somehow, the official scorer did not give Familia a save for this one. In any event, thanks to Collins pulling out all the stops, the Mets are back to .500. 

Game Notes: Josh Smoker was sent down before the game to make room for Matt Harvey whose suspension just ended. Rafael Montero remains on the roster. 

0 thoughts on “Collins Made Sure The 6-1 Lead Held Up”

  1. Luis says:

    I read Robles,Salas,Blevins and Reed will be toast by August…

    1. Luis says:

      Fear, not read…autocorrect …

      1. metsdaddy says:

        Terry burned out Robles last year

  2. Gothamist says:

    Terry Collins, I have been so impressed with your managing the last ten days!!!

    Love your use of the bullpen, no more sink or swim, they are to get pulled!

    I hope I am right that you are getting more endurance out of Salas?

    The team is playing more small ball than in the last 48 years!

    You are resting Cabrera (after the thumb heals also?), playing Wilmer against righties, Rene is going opposite field, what an amazing turnaround!

    I knew you would stick with Wherler and continue to believe Montero could do it.

    Smoker needs to work as a starter at LV for consistently, long relief or spot starts?

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