Collins Bullpen Mismanagement 

The Mets were up 6-1 in the eighth inning against a San Francisco Giants offense that showed no life all game long.  This could be a function of the fact the Giants have scored the fewest amount of runs in the National League. In essence, with the Mets up by five runs, the game was over. 

Not according to Terry Collins. He managed the game like it was a one run game in the seventh game of the World Series. 

Hansel Robles pitched a scoreless seventh lowering his ERA to 1.47. With his being a reliever accustomed to pitching multiple innings, it was justifiable to send him out there to pitch the eighth. He opened the inning by hitting Justin Ruggiano
This led to Collins lifting him for Jerry Blevins. Even with the left-handed Joe Panik and Brandon Belt coming up, this was completely unnecessary. The Mets were up five runs. You don’t need to start playing matchups late in the game. This was a chance to rest Blevins who is on pace for 96 appearance. Furthermore, left-handed batters are 1-19 against Robles this year. 

This isn’t a one year fluke with Robles either. In his career, Robles has limited left-handed batters to a .164/.255/.304 batting line. That’s better than the .210/.262/.314 Blevins has allowed in his career. There’s no need to go to a lefty in that spot.

Once Blevins came in and did his job, there was no need to take him out. He needed just six pitches to get Panik and Belt out. He’s been much better against right-handed batters since joining the Mets. He very well could have pitched to Hunter Pence. Instead Collins went to Addison Reed

With Reed coming into the game, he’s now on pace to make 81 appearances. That would top his career high in appearances which he set last year. As if using Robles, Blevins, and Reed wasn’t enough, Jeurys Familia came in to close the ninth.

Collins did that despite Blevins, Reed, and Familia having pitched on Monday. He did this despite knowing  Tommy Milone was starting tomorrow. 

Milone was picked up off waivers from the Milwaukee Brewers. Milone was available because he had a 6.43 ERA in six games this season. In his three starts, he’s averaging under five innings per start. Chances are the Mets are going to need to heavily rely on their bullpen in a day game after a night game. 

Certainly, it’s too soon to pitch Paul Sewald after 3.1 innings on Sunday. To that end, he shouldn’t be available tomorrow. Fernando Salas needed a day off after pitching in seven of the last nine days. 

This is all the more reason you let Robles finish that eighth inning. Then with a five run lead the Mets can pitch Rafael Montero in the ninth inning now that he’s once again out of the rotation.  

Doing this keeps the key bullpen arms fresh for when the team really needs them. Instead, Collins burned the arms with a five run lead against the worst offensive team in the National League. This is how bullpens get burned out. This is why key bullpen arms aren’t as effective later in the season when they’re needed the most. 

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  1. Gothamist says:

    With this starting staff:

    [With Tom House saying that great pitchers of yesterday (and ones building muscle mass) should throw very often] … like Warren Spahn

    Starters : So unpredictable to be predictable
    Starters : That Met’s pen pitchers will be needed 5-6 times a week

    Grow their season’s total IP only 15-20%
    while greatly expanding their in season conditioning?

    Why not build up their mental and pjysical stamina?
    Though warmup pitches count, why not share the load nightly, less batters?
    Not effective to shut down then pull them?


    Is TC fighting for his job?
    Or is it going to take .600 ball to get a Wildcard Game where from now on every single game in the regular season is a playoff game?


    DID SANDY ALDERSON spend the $1b plus he had since 2011 very well?

    Will Jeff Wilpon be ready soon to be General Manager?

    Sandy Alderson’s contract’s up and I hear he is moving on, maybe SD….


    Sandy signed two FA pitchers this winter. DID HE CHOOSE THE RIGHT ONES?
    Are thry contributing?

    No and No!!!!

    Let’s go Jeff!
    Let’s go Jeff!

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