Conley Shuts Down Non-Existent Mets Offense

For those that bemoan a day and age where men where men and starters went all nine innings today wasn’t for you. 

Robert Gsellman got the start, and he fought it all night long. The Marlins took advantage scoring runs in three consecutive innings. 
In the first, Giancarlo Stanton hit a two out RBI single scoring Miguel Rojas, who had reached on a double. 

In the second, Marcell Ozuna absolutely crushed one:

Leading off the third, Curtis Granderson misplayed a J.T. Realmuto liner into a triple. Really to scored on a Rojas sacrifice fly. 

Gsellman finally had a scoreless inning in the fourth, and he appeared to have found himself. He appeared to be settling in a bit. He then struggled in the fifth. 

Quickly, it was runners on the corners with one out. In what may be prove to be a building block for the season, Gsellman got out of the inning. First, Gsellman got Justin Bour to ground out weakly to Wilmer Flores freezing the runner at third. Gsellman then got out of the inning by striking out Ozuna with a beautiful change-up. 

It was a professional start from Gsellman. He fought it all game long, but he kept his team in the game. His final line was five innings, six hits, three runs, three earned, two walks, and seven strikeouts. He departed down 3-0 after throwing 91 pitches. 

While Gsellman kept his team in the game, it wasn’t enough as this Mets team is already showing their warts offensively. Worse yet, the Mets were facing Adam Conley, who absolutely owns the Mets:

It was more of the same from Conley tonight who carried a no-hitter into the fifth. Finally, his no-hitter and his Citi Field scoreless streak was broken up by Lucas Duda:

Duda has typically struggled against left-handed pitchers in his career with the exception of 2015. In that season, Duda stayed in and went the other way against lefties. The end result was Duda hitting .285/.333/.545 off left-handed pitching. So far this season, we’re seeing that Duda. He already has two extra-base hits off left-handed pitching and both hits went to left-center. 

For some reason, the Marlins pulled Conley after he only threw 85 pitches. There was hope the Mets could get into the Marlins bullpen, but the Duda home run would be as close as the Mets got on the night. 

Hansel Robles struggled again walking two and allowing a RBI single to Ozuna making it 4-1. 

Paul Sewald made his major league debut in the eighth. The Las Vegas native fittingly wore the number 51. 

Unfortunately, Sewald struggled. The Marlins greeted him with three straight singles. When he finally recorded an out, it was a safety squeeze that scored a run. The damage wasn’t worse as Jerry Blevins came on in relief and bailed him out. 

Just to rub salt into the wound that was this game, Christian Yelich robbed Yoenis Cespedes of an extra base hit in the ninth. As usual, all the great catches are against the Mets. 

In the ninth, Collins turned to Rafael Montero which was absurd and potentially dangerous. Yesterday, Montero threw 35 pitches over 2.2 innings. On Wednesday, Montero threw 35 pitches over 1.2 innings. That’s 70 pitches over 4.2 innings without much rest. 

This is shades of Jim Henderson. Henderson was no longer the same pitcher after Collins’ reckless use if him, and Henderson couldn’t get a roster spot with a major league team this year. Collins showed he learned nothing from the event. 

Naturally, it didn’t go well for Montero. Now, Montero attacked hitters, but he was a tired pitcher with nothing. It was a shame his manager put him in that position. His allowed three hits and two runs before Fernando Salas got the Mets out of the inning without further damage. 

By that point, it didn’t really matter anyway. It was 8-1, which was the final score. 

It is difficult picking who had the worst night, but it might have been Neil Walker who earned his first career golden sombrero. He’s now 3-20 on the season. 

With the loss, the Mets snap their streak of beating the Marlins in five straight series. Instead of winning a series, the Mets now need to win two in a row just to earn a split. Fortunately, the Mets have Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom the next two nights. 

Game Notes: The Phillies jumped all over Jeremy Guthrie and the Nationals scoring 12 first inning runs. Those 12 runs match the amount of runs the Mets have scored all season. Granderson lead off as Jose Reyes started the game on the bench. He was double switched into the game in the sixth. He went 0-1, and he’s 1-19 on the season. Josh Smoker rebounded after yesterday’s tough outing by pitching a scoreless sixth. Asdrubal Cabrera is dealing with a wrist injury. 

0 thoughts on “Conley Shuts Down Non-Existent Mets Offense”

  1. Gothamist says:

    2017 is a different game?

    Down down 7, two outs with man on first?

    which team historically has a higher probability of coming back all the way?
    Long odds no matter what?

    Would you?
    – Swing for a HR, scoring two and emptying the bases
    – Just hit the ball over the infielders where each successive batter does the same, maintaining the pyschological pressure, getting fans excited, each successive single grabs more momentum and the guys zero for three even get perked up, teammates all focus on choking up on the bat, going where the pitch is and no matter what happens, in the future they remember when they lead off an inning… to shorten the stroke …. they game after game say, it is not about my HR in that scenario but we “holding hands” where can only succeed to come back together?

    How likely is it to get three doubles and two home runs in an inning and then still come up short?

    Where clearing the bases the opposing pitcher says : “Ok, 8-3, focus and just get the last out”, no men on just focus on one pitch then the next”

    It is not the manager or hitting coaches but these are the players they were able to sign, draft or trade for….? It is not about clubhouse leadership where someone pushes the others and does so as a leader by example? Clubhouse chemistry?

    Is it?

    The players’ lifetime averages where so many averaged over .290?
    More? The higher the odds?

    I am trying to figure this out?
    I want to have hope?

    They had this challenge in fall of 2015 and it is two years later?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Mets are filled with low OBP high SLG players who also have questionable health. You’re getting more of these nights this season than you’ll want to admit.

  2. Patrick says:

    Can we all at least pretend there are actual major leaguers that read about this dominant force in the nl east in the mets?
    Look at how the start of the season has gone. 2 series vs the “bottom dwellers” of the nl east.
    Braves and marlins. Guaranteed wins or at least series wins… no so east beating up on the little guys when youre dubbed the big guy. Let the nationals take the heat for being the “superior” franchise.
    Its still early. But. This team doesnt appear to have the guts for what itll take

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Or maybe the offense was poorly conceived and built

  3. Gothamist says:

    I have seen mean faces from Collins, an August ultimatum but I think the players need a mgr with balls to shout at them.

    The pitchers sit alone, celebral, there is no Juan Uribe to pull them out, David Wright sits with DeGrom no one is walking around pushing pleading.

    No one getting up to bat with passionate inspiration except Cabrera.
    I am tired on Lion King, the slow, cool, unemotional identical, methodical walk to the plate, the taking time to get set in the batter’s box –

    I wish these guys had three songs for being announced or just forget the whole thing!

    This is Terry’s last year but I would pull the plug if too many rallies never happen, too little emotion and individualism continues.

    I think Neil Walker is setting his front foot closer to 2015 than 2016.

    Noah and Cabrera, Bruce and if Travis produces is the only emotion I see.

    Reyes a career .335 OBP from left side,
    Last three years at .317, last year at .293 OBP!
    Means that prior to 2014 the OBP was higher than .350,

    Maybe he needs to go to GNC?

    Wilmer, TJ has to play more third even against righties.

    Last year same ABATS (Wilmer vs Reyes) Wilmer had 50% more RBIs
    Defense, runs saved is a very important analysis also.
    But at least batting from the Left, please no lead off!!!!

    Maybe Conforto playing CF and Grandy getting a day off will help tomorrow?

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Cabrera is the only player in mid-season form. Cespedes lost some homers to April in Citi Field. He keeps up what he’s doing, he’ll hit 30+

  4. Gothamist says:

    I love Cabrera and his output last year was just inspiring but I wonder now if he – as possibly their leader – can be the leadoff spirit they badly need?

    To be effective is only half but someone has to be pasionate just in the attempting of it?! Anyone!

    Maybe Grandy at 36, subconsciously knowing it is his walk year, having a lower OBP against lefties is not the answer?

    I believe they should try to create rallies vs home runs, they certainly have the pitching. They need it when their starter leaves in the 6-7 in tie games, agsinst tier 1 teams, against great pens, in the playoffs, when they are sitting three starters on a Sunday or a long stretch without a day off.

    If they can score, via rallies off the Tier One pitchers they will know they can best anyone on any given day. Or at least have high success to adapt when the pitching is dominating.

    Feasting off Tier 2 looks great at the ballpark, makes great TV but to win 12-2 against a #5 starter and lose not so rarely 3-1 against their #1 starter the next day is not a championship caliber team.

    Some times they win the first two games of a series and then do not even show up on the getaway game as they only give up 2-3 runs and lose.

    I believe great teams win when they do not have their best stuff or full starting lineups. These players collectively have the chemistry have leadership and confidence to win first. Maybe Cespesdes can as he learns english, now a long term fixture adapt into that role or be a core 3-4 that really tries?

    Getting to the WS in 2015 was a building block of aces and on the shoulders of Murphy and if Sandy was as reported going to pull the plug on Collins last year it was only because he was not adapting to the realities of the roster and not motivating change or attempting as the mgr. “mind over matter” reaching down to morph into hitters to match the situations. IMO.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’d love to see a team that builds runs instead of just relying on the home run. Sandy didn’t build that team. This is an all-or-nothing team of low OBP and high SLG

  5. Gothamist says:

    Hello! The Marlins are two starters away of challenging the Nats to win the division.

    I woke up the other night watching the Braves stockpiled flame throwers in their pen. It was early, it was cold, it was one night yet they are are going to be relevant.

    The Phillies have some of their young talent in their second to third full year and did not sit around the off season. They finally with the departure of Howard gutted their payroll and can sign big next year.

    The Mets will need their callups and Matz/Lugo to win 90 games.

    I read on Mets360 and Rising Apple posts about 94-100 wins from fans and honestly I will not go back to read anyone who really believed that.

    It is mostly because I see some very good teams emerging, much talent, the injuries across the league have not started and honestly I believe the Backs will come back, the Rockies will improve and the Cards, Giants, Cubs, Dodgers and Nats have great managers.

    This year is a long year, if successful, of mental focus similar to watching Jerry Blevins face after he gets out of an inning unscatched.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      This Mets team can finished anywhere from 80 – 100 wins. Personally, I split the difference and say 90. However, no one can predict a Mets win total with any confidence.

  6. Gothamist says:

    I love reading you but maybe I am Much older?

    Well I did check BBREF on Mets OBP in 1986 and 2016.

    Mets are built despite Madoff/SNYconstraints and owner’s way indufficient family finances and second to their SNY growing stake and real estate development goals.

    The SNY contract is a blantant rip off of the fans and minority owners!

    Sandy had to find opportunities but had no cash to play with.

    He had to dump Bruce to think about signing anyone
    He could not bid on that kid Boston signed for $50+ M who was traded for Sale.
    He could not sign any of those three other Cubans Epstein signed.
    One, Soler traded for Wade Davis where they were so happy to clear the outfield, one signee is their future All Star catcher.

    A owner in NY should not railroad the fans this way!

    Few GMs could have dreamed to do what Sandy has done with so little. Sure he left Corey Seager on the table and drafted Gavin Cecchini…. many GMs did…

    But the #1s:

    He lost one for signing Cuddyer.

    If Sandy signs another contract to be GM and Harvey and Familia are kept next year (2018) in their walk years then they may go all in. What is all in to them?

    Sandy no longer has Carte Blanche from the MLB HQ.
    There is no cash flow after paying $75M each of the three years to pay back Picard.
    The fans are paying for the Madoff dynamic.!! Big time!!!!
    The Wilpons/Katzes would not been able to buy the Doubleday stake without the real estate bubble and primarily the Madoff’s fake returns.

    The Wilpons/Katz’s held on thru Sandy’s magic (Dickey trade) and opportunistic deals (Grandy, Walker, Fulmer for Cespesdes)

    If Cespesdes never came the Wilpons may have been public enemy #1.
    Sandy could not save the Met fans and bring a winner competing against these other owner’s deep pockets but he certainly saved the Wilpons and Katzes!

    There was a photo and expression at Yankee Stadium last year of Sandy looking at the Yankee brass in front on their dugout before the game. My take : “What if”

    If I met Sandy at a bar I would ask him.


    They will have the new Citifield development soon but the Mets still can not sign an international FA for more than $15M.

    All in?

    It can be 2018:

    Rosario SS
    Cabrera 3rd
    Wilmer or Cecchini 2nd
    Dom Smith 1st
    Wieter C
    Conforto RF
    Cespesdes LF
    CF ?

    But fill what hole and who would be available?

    Personally I would sign Harvey soon or trade him long before April 2018
    Knowing he would prefer the Yankees (what RH pitcher would?)
    I would deal him to Boston in a heartbeat.


    they will not win 92 with this ML roster…

    It is the chemistry that worries me.

    Check out BBREF 1973 NY Mets pitching stats?

    We can get to the WS by getting hot in August and in via the Wildcard and letting the pitching and luck take us from there. But no Murphy….



    If they were all in, their top five prospects would have been traded?
    Rizzo is all in and Adam Eaton batting before Murphy, Harper, Zimmerman, Werth, Rendon and Wieter is brilliant!

    There is so much pressure that their starters can take – where those starters might underperform with extra mental strain being too high: needing the win or chronic low run support

    The only variable to change might be the manager at this point.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’d extend all three big pitchers especially when you have cheap up and coming options in Rosario and Smith. There’s also other players like Alonso, Lindsay, etc coming too.

  7. Gothamist says:

    I do not think they have the money, the balls, they think like real estate people where if they were burned before they will not commit past four years.

    Scherzer contract was for seven?

    Noah will be a FA in how many years, DeGrom at what age a FA?
    Will they risk with Harvey’s health if Gsellman works out and Familia a FA the same November as Harvey?

    What a shame, under capitalized, shifting up to $50M to SNY yearly by grossly underpaying the Mets from SNY in an absurd contract, risk adverse, relying on the excellent draftees, low HR/9 innng prospects picked by Sandy’s team that they may let Harvey walk?

    I like Sandy’s smarts, a bright, modest guy, ex marine, engaged, pleasant interview respected by the staff within. Too bad his tenure will be far less years than Cashen’s.

    He will leave a great void and large hole.

    The daily newspapers fighting for survival have so little balls to speak out anymore?

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