Bruce And The Homers Just Keep On Coming

Coming into this game, Jacob deGrom never lost against the Philliew. He was 4-0 with a 2.42 ERA against them. During a 31 pitch first inning that appeared to be in jeopardy. 

deGrom loaded the bases with one out. He first allowed a Michael Saunders RBI single, and then he issued a bases loaded walk to Cameron Rupp making it 2-0. With the Mets offense sputtering, the game was close to being over before it started. 

deGrom bore down, and he got Brock Stassi to ground into the inning ending 1-2-3 double play. The Phillies wouldn’t touch deGrom again. 

deGrom’s final line was six innings, six hits, two runs, two earned, two walks, and three strikeouts. 

It took a while, but the Mets would finally get him off the hook. At least this time, it was understandable Jerad Eickhoff had his good curveball, and he was dealing.

Fortunately, the Mets have Jay Bruce

Bruce homered in the fourth, and he started a rally with a lead-off walk in the seventh. Curtis Granderson followed with an infield single, and Bruce moved to third on the Cesar Hernandez throwing error. 

Bruce then scored on the Neil Walker sacrifice fly. Rupp couldn’t handle Odubel Herrera‘s throw home, and Granderson moved to second. He would stay there. 

First, Travis d’Arnaud flew out to right. It was his second rally he helped kill. In the second inning, with runners on first and second and no outs, d’Arnaud grounded into the inning ending double play. 

After the d’Arnaud fly out, Collins made a choice everyone second guessed. 

During the d’Arnaud at-bat, Michael Conforto was in the on deck circle apparently ready to pinch hit for deGrom. The Phillies countered by having Joely Rodriguez. This scared Collins enough to pull back Conforto and pinch hit T.J. Rivera

Actually no, that was the right move. Instead Collins went to Wilmer Flores and his career .252/.286/.372 batting line against right-handed pitching. He predictably flew out to end the inning. 

With the Mets rally ending meekly, it was questionable if anything would wake them up. Enter Edubray Ramos

After getting out Jose Reyes because that’s what everyone does, he faced Asdrubal Cabrera, and he promptly threw it behind Cabrera’s head. Why may you ask? Well, he was upset about last year’s bat flip:

Tempers flared. The benches were warned. Cabrera walked then Yoenis Cespedes struck out. The Phillies finally got Rodriguez in to pitch to Bruce who hit his second home run of the game:

The home run gave the Mets a 4-2 lead, and gave Jerry Blevins the win. 

Blevins had entered the game in the seventh with two on and two out because Josh Smoker was struggling and because Herrera was coming to the plate. 

Blevins would throw a terrible pitch wide and in the dirt. d’Arnaud was able to knock it down, and he tried to nail Herandez, who strayed a little too far from second. d’Arnaud’s throw almost went into center. Cabrera made a great play to snag it. 

While this was happening, Howie Kendrick broke for second and had to retreat. Cabrera nailed Kendrick for tour routine 2-6-3 put out. 

In the eighth, Blevins ran into trouble putting runners on first and second with no out. Collins summoned Hansel Robles to pitch to Rupp apparently in the spirit of the Ramos-Cabrera matchup. Robles got Rupp to hit into the 6-4-3 double play. Walker impressively stood in to turn that double play. 

Addison Reed came on for his second save opportunity. He allowed a lead-off home run to Stassi and a line out single. Reed was fighting it with his fastball, but he finally struck out Kendrick to end the game and put the 4-3 win in the books. 

It was a good win for the Mets. It was better that Bruce got his bat going again. It was better the Mets didn’t stand down when Cabrera was thrown at. 

Game Notes: Reyes is now hitting .037. Bruce is tied for the major league lead with four homers. 

0 thoughts on “Bruce And The Homers Just Keep On Coming”

  1. Luis says:

    The right pinch hitting move would have been announced Conforto, then use Flores if they brought in the Lefty…no lose scenario for the Mets….but nooo..that would have forced Phil to pick their poison….

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I don’t like burning a bat like that in a NL game, but that was still a better option than Flores against Eickhoff

      1. Gothamist says:

        On your original post:

        Lucas play in the field.

        Not sure:

        Reyes going back to catch the bloop was inexperience or intimidation or unsure about communication w Cespesdes, was not prepared to know the batter or where Cespesdes was playing, his confidence is waning now in the field or that it showed he can not go back on a ball if he played outfield.

        I think Reyes needs to get his confidence back playing in LV or as a pinch runner or late defensive switch. Unfortunately in April those scenarios and the roster make that that impossible.

        I do think that his two women he had babies with, who live close to one another, the court case and possibly shame, guilt and hostility at home msy have him completely sidetracked and not in any mood to focus.

        He won a batting crown and if he not hitting 5% celebral he is wasting ABATS.

        Reed’s velocity down, not able to put away the rookie with velocity, movement or secondary?

        Love Bruce’s confidence and he does not look fooled in as many ABATS as Cespesdes for sure.

        It looked like Grandy was playing too deep yet on the replay he did not seem to be within 40′ of the warning track yet the ball that dropped in was very far away as if Citizen’s is a cavernous field? I was perplexed.

        Walker took a very hard slide on that DP and may sit tomorrow?

        What about Rivera throwing out two in one inning on Sunday?

        Though I was very impressed with Sunday inning one small ball, I believe Reyes should be benched and the team should be told by TC to all pick up the slack and everyone who leads off in any inning should play it like they are the actual lead off man of the team.

        Ron Darling said it well.

        Two O count, eighth inning, Phillies down by two (only two!!!!) and the batter swung at two O. “He should know that the Phillies need baserunners” Darling said.

        Well the Mets are far far far worse where down multiple runs they mostly swing for HRs.

        That to me is my NUMBER 1-20 beef w TC and as long as that is UNADRESSED who he pinch hits for in the sixth is really not something I am even thinking about. I may be off base, I did not play competive baseball, I msy be not as smart as othes but I am very insistent on this as a barometer of beating top pitchers on the top of their game that always show up in the postseason.

        If a Naval pilot does a practice bomb run a 1,000 times before bombing terrorists why does a team that believes not practice this to prepare to play the Nats?

        I may be obsessed with the Mets hitting when behind in games, having the other team score, coming up with no urgency to get a single run across thst inning or next time the team gets up.

        I just believe that there is not so much directive, not much focus, emotion or passion, not much of what the country saw in that first inning Sunday night to go around in 50+ innings in each week in every season TC is the mgr.

        I am just not a believer that they are setting goals and have omnipresent intent to have the Jeter Mattingly Ray Knight Ben Zobrist Pence Mex thinking adding up to ‘calibre’ here for any championship let alone winning this year in a improving division.

        1. metsdaddy says:

          I think it’s a lineup full of low OBP high SLG guys, and they are prone to these fits.

  2. Luis says:

    Conforto vs rhp or Wilmer vs a lhp….. That would have been Phil choice…maybe they opt to face Conforto…

  3. Gothamist says:

    Pinch hitting, is it political?

    Who do you hold back someone until the later innings, who will be versatile defensively in a late switch as pitchers are changed ? Or do you do not want to bench Reyes but do want to double switch him ASAP if he is just having another dreadful night?

    What is the likihood of extra innings as you have three hits, are six days in on playing twelve days in a row? How many lefties do they have in the pen and what innings do they usually use lefties when the Phillies are winning – heading in the late innings ?

    I rather use Wilmer in the sixth and TJ in the ninth. TJ, in my view can play 3rd, second and first (not SS) and if I needed a late inning single I prefer him yet if the lefty is mediocre I prefer Wilmer’s pop for sure.

    Let us be honest, so many home runs are hit on mistake pitches by inexperienced pitchers, the last three HRs were not on the peripherals on the strike zone. Tonight’s Philly starter looked great and pitched around the plate.

    Tough teams and tough pitchers will not give you those three pitches to hit the last three HRs of Bruce and Conforto.

    I do not have any splits on Wilmer or TJ, matchups etc..
    Wilmer had a bad back in 2015 but looked completely outmatched in the 2015 Fall Classic. An automatic out against an outstanding pen. That was then.

    TJ was a batting champ and Wilmer has a sweet stroke and wants to prove he can play everyday. What if there was a double switch and Wilmer was going to play third etc?

    Is this so important?

    What are the bigger challenges that TC is or isn’t addressing at game 7/162?

    TC is easily swayed by pushy or the disgruntled? He may prefer TJ but he may not to get on Wilmer’s bad side? He seeks approval by his players?

    In other words if any of these are true, he is not completely standing up?

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