Filling Out NCAA Brackets With Your Child

For the third straight year, I’m having my son pick out his very own NCAA bracket. Surprisingly, he won a big pool the first year as he picked Duke to win it all. It was a nice chunk of change to go into his college fund. 

The obvious question was how I got a four month old to pick the brackets. Well, it wasn’t easy. 

What I did was I went online, and I printed out pictures of all the mascots of the 68 teams in the tournament. I then put them in front of him, and I asked him to pick one. It took a very long time, more time than I care to admit, but it was a fun experience. 

Now that my son is three, it is much easier. He can better identify the pictures, and he can ask different questions. 

With his eagerness for St. Patrick’s Day, it’s of little surprise his far he had Notre Dame going. Basically speaking, if a team had some type of animal as the mascot, my son had them going further in the tournament. Having personally run pools in the past, I’ve seen worse methods of picking brackets. 

I had fun doing this with my son this year, and I look forward to watching the games with him. Hopefully, his bracket will win a pool or two like it did two years ago. 

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