Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox Have Won World Series This Decade

The year my son was born, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series. 

Today, the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. 

People waited their whole lifetimes for each of these things to happen, and they never did. He’s three this month, and he’s around for both.

In an odd twist of fate, he has never seen a Yankees World Series. 

It was strange typing it. It’s weirder re-reading it. 

He was up for the last out, and he went right back to sleep. He has no idea how incredible he got to see something no one on this planet has ever seen. 

I just hope he doesn’t have to wait long for a Mets World Series victory. 

0 thoughts on “Chicago Cubs and Boston Red Sox Have Won World Series This Decade”

  1. Patrick OHara says:

    Have another!!! Increase our chances for a mets ws!!!!

  2. Patrick OHara says:

    Theo isn’t a living legend for creating the teams of the red Sox and cubs ending their curses. he’s also not a living legend for ending the red Sox and cubs ws curses before the age of 45. Doesn’t hurt he has 3 ws rings…
    Forget all that. He’s a living legend because he is the face of the most dramatic change in baseball in 100 years. He embraces bill james’ math while still being enough of a “baseball guy” to understand how to balance the pure numbers vs. scout talk.
    Beginning in Boston, theo constructed teams in that fashion. He believed in guys like youkilis. Guys like youkilis wouldnt make a roster 15 years ago. He’d be labeled as a spare part bench piece.
    Guys like youk helped pave the way for a player like zobrist to be a back to back ws champion and a ws mvp.
    Theo exposed all of these hidden advantages to allow guys like zobrist go from a borderline bench piece 15 years ago to a ws mvp. Can’t imagine any front office guy ever being able to balance the pure math vs the things that can’t be quantified.
    Ending two of the most iconic curses in baseball doesn’t hurt

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