What is Cespedes Playing Golf Fore?

Yoenis Cespedes is just maddening sometimes. His quad has prevented him from playing center, and he complained of pain after legging out a base hit yesterday. However, the injury didn’t prevent him from finding time to play golf today with Kevin Millar:

It is too soon to question the logic or the maturity in Cespedes’ decision to play golf. We don’t know if golfing has any negative impact upon his ability to heal or his ability to play in games. We don’t know if this was one round or if he’s been playing golf the entire time. We also don’t know if Cespedes had the Mets approval to play. 

However, the optics of the decision sure look bad. People will revisit how Cespedes injured himself golfing during the NLCS thereby harming their ability to win the World Series.  People will remember his golfing exploits if Cespedes struggles or finds his way to the disabled list. It may not be fair, and it may not be right. Still, that’s the situation Cespedes has created by his decision to play golf when he’s too injured to take the field. 

No matter the reaction, fair or not, Cespedes brought it upon himself. Hopefully, it will work out for the best. 

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