Easier to Breastfeed at Citi Field

Back in 2014,  my son was a little over nine months when we went to his first Mets game.  There was a condition precedent for us going to the Mets game – there had to be an area where our son could breastfeed.  I had done my research, and my wife was satisfied with the results of my reasearch.

Unfortunately, the information provided on the various mommy blogs were completely wrong.  There really wasn’t an area to breastfeed at Citi Field.

During that September 14th game, my wife searched high and low for a place to breastfeed.  First, we went to the nurses’ station, which was the recommeded area.  We were turned away.  Next, we tried to go to one of the family rooms you see scattered across the Field Level.  They’re all locked.  We tried speaking the ushers, but they had no idea.  Finally, we made our way back to Fan Assistance where they arranged for my son to be fed in a right field promenade ticket booth while an employee stood outside the door preventing anyone from entering.  This is not an ideal situation, and it really prevents families from bringing their little ones to games.  Fortunately, the Mets have remedied this situation.

Now, the Mets have a Mamava Station located at the Empire Level of Citi Field.  Note, all moms are allowed to use this station regardless of where they are sitting.  All you need to do is to contact guest services, and they will assist you.  Your best bet is probably to to go Fan Assistance the minute you get to the game and figure out how the process works.  In this private booth, mom is able to either breastfeed her child or pump.  I’m assuming it’ll be easier to bring a handpump into Citi Field.  I’d also caution that there only seems to be a USB station and not an outlet listed in the amenities located in the booth.  One thing that is really nice about the booth is that it’s air conditioned so mom can be comfortable while she is breastfeeding the baby.

The Mets should really be commended for making this addition to Citi Field.  Anything that encourages families to attend Mets games is a good thing.  Anything to helps mothers is an even better thing.  Unfortunately for me, it was about two years too late.


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