Collins Was Wright to Sit His Captain

Day in and day out, we simply do not know if David Wright is going to play.  We do not know if his back will allow him to play. There’s always the possibility that he can’t go.

Wright said as much himself when he said, “It’s just day to day. And I think that’s the most frustrating thing — you just never know how it’s going to feel waking up. You try to go through the preparation.”  (ESPN). 

For the first time since his spinal stenosis diagnosis, Wright had to be scratched from a game. He couldn’t get ready to play the game. As Wright said, “I basically did everything today to get it somewhat manageable. I just couldn’t get there.”  Wright classified his back as being worse than it usually is saying, “This is the first time this year where I’ve come to the ballpark where I’ve felt the significance of it — the back. Most of the days have been fairly mediocre. Today was more toward the bad.”  

The trainer tipped off Terry Collins. Despite Wright’s pregame issues, he still wanted to play. He was willing to do what was necessary saying, “I thought the extra treatment and extra preparation that I put in helped. And I wanted to give it a go.”  

To his credit, Terry Collins wouldn’t let him no matter how much Wright tried to change his mind: “In batting practice he came up to me and told me he couldn’t play me. I was trying to change his mind, because obviously you want to play everyday, especially under these circumstances, with Lucas being out and us having a short bench. I just tried to see if there was any leeway there. I tried to be honest with them all year. I wanted to give it a go. And he just thought better of it.”

Collins benched Wright and started Matt Reynolds. It was the right decision, and Wright has to know better. 

It was just a month ago that Wright tried to push his back beyond the point he should’ve. As a result, Wright couldn’t stand up straight the next morning. After the incident, he swore up and down he wouldn’t do that again. He said that he knew he needed to be there for the whole season rather than just one game. Wright should’ve remembered how he felt a month ago before trying to force his way into the lineup against the Nationals. 

In reflection, Wright admitted Collins made the right call. Wright said, “It’s probably the right call [to scratch Wright]. I mean, it is the right call. It’s probably the best way to go about it. At the time, when you get the news that you’re being taken out of the lineup, obviously here everyone has a competitive streak Wherw you try to push it.”

Wright needs to understand the Mets need him for a full season. He’s the Captain. He leads the team in OBP. He’s still their best option at third base. It’s not about one game against the Nationals. It’s about all 18 games against the Nationals. It’s about the remaining 124 games left on the schedule. 

No one wants to see a lineup with Eric Campbell and Matt Reynolds at the corners. No one wants to see it for multiple games. It’s reminiscent of the feckless lineups the Mets sent out there last July. Those lineups were in part due to Wright’s absence. It’s why Wright needs to make sure he’s available for a full season. 

Wright does the work day in and day out to try to be ready each and every game. He wants to be out there with his teammates. When that can’t happen like it did today, Wright says, “I’m mad at the situation. But there’s nothing you can do. It is what it is.” While he’s mad, Wright is learning, and he’s listening to his manager. 

Wright acknowledged Collins is keeping his best interests in mind saying, “Maybe Terry saved me a trip to the DL. Maybe he saved me missing multiple games. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. And hopefully it’s better.”

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  1. Geo says:

    This just isn’t good. Wrights physical condition is directly affected by his playing.

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