deGrom Should Be on the DL

There’s no blaming the Mets for Jacob deGrom‘s right lat injury. Injuries happen. However, we yet again have to question how the Mets handle injuries and their roster. 

At the outset, the Mets are skipping deGrom’s start on Wednesday. He also isn’t going to throw in the bullpen for the time being. This is a very reasonable course of action. There’s no need rushing deGrom back in April possibly causing him further injury. With that said, there’s no reason why deGrom hasn’t been sent for an MRI. 

It was just last year the Mets dealt with Steven Matz and his lat. The Mets thought he was fine. They didn’t send him for an MRI, and they let him make his next start. As we discovered, he shouldn’t have made that start. He wouldn’t throw another pitch for the Mets for another two months. The Mets treatment of  Matz follows a pattern. It’s at this point, we’re obligated to review Jared Diamond’s breakdown in the Wall Street Journal of how the Mets downplay injuries:

For a second, let’s be optimistic about deGrom’s injury. Let’s assume it really is tightness and not worse. Let’s assume an MRI really isn’t needed. Why not put him on the DL anyway?  

With deGrom missing a start, Logan Verrett will take his spot in the rotation. This is the same Verrett who pitched yesterday. This means he will be starting on two days rest on Wednesday. He also isn’t fully stretched out. He only threw 15.2 innings in eight Spring Training games. Long story short, the Mets bullpen is going to be taxed. 

The bullpen is also going to be one man short as Verrett rests from his start. 

Instead of having a short bullpen, the Mets should just put deGrom on the DL. He’s already missing one start. If deGrom were to go on the DL, he would be eligible to make his next start on Sunday, April 24th instead of Tuesday, April 19th against the Phillies. Despite the Mets losing two out of three to the Phillies this past weekend, the Mets should still be able to win with Verrett on the mound. 

In turn, deGrom can use that time to rest, not rush back, and not exacerbate his lat injury. He can be home when his wife gives birth. He can spend some quality time home with his newborn son before going back on the road. deGrom can get his mind and his body in the right place before pitching again. 

The Mets need to put deGrom on the DL right now. 

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