The Easter Tiger

I know it’s called the “Terrible Twos,” but it’s also a fun age where your kid has an active imagination. It especially comes out at bedtime when they don’t want to go to sleep. 

Tonight, my son told me the story of the Easter Tiger. He’s apparently orange and black and hops like a bunny. 

The Easter Tiger comes out after everyone else. You see Santa Claus first comes at Christmas, says “Ho! Ho! Ho!” and then he delivers Christmas gifts. After you’re done playing with your new toys it’s Easter. The Easter Bunny comes first. He hops along to put Easter Eggs in everyone’s Easter baskets. It’s very important to remember that, “the Easter Bunny works alone.”

After the Easter Bunny comes along, the Easter Tiger arrives. He hops along looking for Easter Eggs. If an Easter Egg is not in a basket, he eats the Easter Egg with a fork. After he’s done eating the extra Easter Eggs, Easter is over. 

These are the wonderful, sweet things that only a two year old can think of as he’s trying to not fall asleep. It’s a wonderful age. 

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