Having Your Baby Pick the Brackets

Last year, there was a surprise winner in the NCAA pool. It was my one year old son. 

That’s right. Last year, I had a one year old fill out the brackets.  I had him pick each and every game. Even better, he best everyone. His bracket was strengthened by him picking Duke to win it all last year. Here’s how I did it. 

I went online and printed the logos for each of the 68 teams in the NCAA tournament. I made sure each logo was if equal size. I then printed them out, in color, and I put them in front of him. I always put the higher seed on top because that is how it appears in the bracket. I then asked him to pick one. 

So, I did this starting on Monday and ending Wednesday evening. If he wasn’t interested, I moved in to something else. If he was, I went through as many as I possibly could. 

So, in the end, he picked Duke, and he won the pool. Like in everything else he does, he showed why he’s smarter than Daddy He showed he’s a genius. I’m hoping he can repeat this performance each and every year. If he does it enough times, he can pay for his own college with his winnings.