Mets Took New York from the Yankees

There was a time when the Mets used to own New York. They had the better and more exciting team. They regularly outdrew the Yankees. Somtime between The Worst Team Money Could Buy and the 80’s Mets getting the band back together in the Bronx sparking a new Yankee dynasty, the Yankees reclaimed New York. 

The Yankee dynasty is over. Derek Jeter retired. The Mets have all the exciting young arms. They won the division and had a magical run to the World Series. It seems that, yes, finally, the Mets once again own New York:

It was the largest crowd at Spring Training  the Mets have had since those glory days of the 80’s. 

The Mets taking over New York isn’t surprising. It was bound to happen sooner or later. What is surprising is the Yankees aren’t even putting up a fight. Look at their offseason:

  1. No major league free agent signings;
  2. Trading for alleged woman beater Aroldis Chapman; and
  3. Eliminating the ability to purchase tickets on Stub Hub while insulting fans in the process

I know it’s not like the Yankess did nothing. The 2016 Yankees look to be better than the 2015 version with moves like the Starlin Castro trade. The Yankees still have a $221 million payroll. They could very well compete in the division. 

They’re just not competing for ownership of New York.  It’s something George Steinbrenner never would’ve tolerated. 

He hated losing to the Mets in any way, shape, or form. When the Mets had the much touted Generation K, he pushed Derek Jeter forward to prove the Yankees had their own fertile farm system. He bristled when the Mets beat the Yankees . . . in Spring Training!  George Steinbrenner would not have sat idly by the year after the Mets advanced further in the playoffs. Last time that happened, Steinbrenner dragged Roger Clemens out of semi-retirement and called-up Joba Chamberlain giving us the “Joba Rules”

Most assume that if George Steinbrenner was still alive, he would’ve responded to the 2015 season with a spending spree. He would’ve had either David Price or Zack Greinke. Possibly both. Ben Zobrist and Jason Heyward would’ve still signed when the same team, only that team would’ve been the Yankees, not the Cubs. 

Chances are even in the face of such a spending spree, the Mets would’ve been the better team. They most likely still would be taking over New York. The only difference is the Yankees would’ve put up a fight. The Yankees are going down with a whimper. Worse yet, they’re telling their fans they don’t want them sitting in seats they’ve never sat in before. 

That’s fine. Something tells me many of these fans will be sitting in seats they’ve never sat in before. Only now, those seats are in Citi Field. All are welcome aboard the bandwagon. Trust me when I say there are going to be a lot of them. 

The Mets once again own New York.