Good Luck Vic Black

If there’s anything that has been a hallmark of these recent Mets teams it’s that these players get it. Win or lose they acknowledged the fans. They even did it in a moment of heartbreak after losing the World Series. I was again reminded of this when I saw Vic Black‘s recent Tweet:

In the TwitLonger link, Vic Black acknowledged his New York Mets career was over even if he hasn’t signed with anyone else. He then went on to thank Mets fans for cheering him during his all too short stay with the Mets:

You were kind in welcoming me to YOUR family and I’ll always have blue and orange running in my blood. New York captured my heart and nothing can ever take that away. You gave me a gift, experiences and moments I’ll cherish forever. I’m counting the days till my next visit in whatever capacity that may be. I love you New York!

At first glance, this made me smile. Black was something of a fan favorite. Poor Adam Rubin was inundated with requests for updates on his status. It’s great Mets fans had an impact upon him. It’s even better that he acknowledged our love and returned the love. 

It’s funny that it didn’t always start out that way. Black was acquired in the Marlon Byrd trade. At that time, Byrd was something of a fan favorite himself, and he was being traded for a second base prospect, Dilson Herrera, and a live bullpen arm in Black. A lot of the qualms with that trade went away when Black began pitching with the Mets. 

In his two years with the Mets, Black was a good and improving reliever. In his 56 appearances, he had a 2.83 ERA, 125 ERA+, 3.65 FIP, 1.259 WHIP, and an 8.3 K/9. He had a blazing 97 MPH fastball. Unfortunately, he would have a neck injury in 2015, suffer a setback in April, and he would never be recalled to the majors. He was unceremoniously removed from the 40 man roster and made a minor league free agent. It didn’t matter that Black regained his fastball. It didn’t matter that he has been a good reliever who is still just 27. 

Apparently, Black wants to be back, and Mets fans want him back.  Personally, I want him to return, even if it appears he won’t. Whenever he lands, that team is getting a good reliever and an even better person. When he comes back to New York and he comes running out of the bullpen, I’ll be cheering for him. 

Good luck Vic Black. 

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