The Mets Will Retire Piazza’s Number

Seeing how there were weird and unnecessary discussion regarding the hat which Mike Piazza will select for his Hall of Fame plaque, let’s just end the next discussion before it starts. The Mets will retire Piazza’s # 31. 

The Mets had him close out Shea with Tom Seaver. He opened Citi Field again with Seaver recreating the moment at Shea Stadium. He was inducted into the Mets Hall of Fame. He threw out the first pitch in the first World Series game at Citi Field. He’s obviously respected by the entire Mets organization. Once Piazza is elected to the Hall of Fame, he should get his number retired by the Mets. It’s the next step in a logical process. 

I don’t understand why anyone would question if Piazza’s number will be retired after he’s elected to the Hall of Fame. You can ask why it wasn’t retired sooner, but to question if it’ll be retired at all makes no sense. If you want to have a debate at all, question how that number will appear on that wall. 

Will they go with the black uniforms most synonymous with those Mets teams?  Will they go with the non-pinstriped jersey?  If they go with the pinstriped jersey to keep it homogenous, will they include the drop shadow on the jersey number?  This is the real question; not whether or not Piazza’s number will be retired. 

Piazza’s number will be retired. 

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