Soups On the Opening Day Roster

As Sandy Alderson stated numerous times this offseason, the Mets payroll is expected to be around $115 million. With the Mets signing Antonio Bastardo, it  looks like the Mets payroll is around $115 million depending on the remaining arbitration cases. This probably means the Mets are done spending this offseason.  

If the Mets are done spending, that means the Mets will need to find a right hand hitting 1B/OF from within their organization.  Looking over the 40 man roster, there is one player that fits that description. Fan favorite Eric Campbell. Seriously, peruse the roster. Matt Reynolds  is a 2B/SS. Darrell Ceciliani is a left-hand hitting outfielder. The other prospects are future everyday players. 

No, it appears that right now Eric Campbell is going to make the Opening Day roster. For all the discussion of the Mets building a deeper, more versatile roster, we get Eric Campbell.

Now, there are some good things to say about Campbell. He’s a good pinch hitter. He’s willing to do anything and everything to play in the majors including learning how to catch. He has an unsustainably low BABIP, and he hits the ball hard. Those two things coupled together means he could have a much better year at the plate. 

With all that said, how is Eric Campbell in position to make the Opening Day roster. The Mets are less than a month away from Spring Training, and they don’t have a better option than Campbell to be the 25th man on the team. How is this excusable for a team that just won the NL Pennant and wants to return to the World Series?  Right now, the reason boils down to the Mets possibly having maxed out on their budget for the 2016 season before signing a better player for his spot. 

I like Campbell and all he represents. He cannot be on the Opening Day roster. As of right now, he probably will be. 

Note: this obviously changes if the Mets sign Cespedes. I may be in the minority, but I’m not confident that will happen. 

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