I Feel Your Pain Clemson

If you watched last night’s National Championship Game, Clemson lost 45-40 in the most excruciating way possible. Clemson had control of the game until the onside kick. After that, Alabama took over and won the game. 

Before last night’s game, I thought the only thing the Mets and Clemson had in common was Tim Teufel. There’s so much more. Like Mets fans, Clemson fans don’t get to see their team in a position to win a championship often. Honestly, I don’t know if Clemson has ever played for a chance to win the National Championship. I looked it up. It was 1981. That’s even worse than the Mets. These fans waited over 30 years for a championship. They were ahead late. They were in control. They were then out maneuvered. Out executed. It’s a helpless feeling. 

That was the 2015 World Series for the Mets and their fans. The Mets lost three late leads. There is a feeling they blew it. Honestly, you don’t know if they blew it or if they were just beat by a better team. It’s a sinking, heless feeling. You lose sleep over it. Lots of sleep. You keep replaying everything over and over again in your head. Here’s the thing. It might just be the beginning. 

The Mets have their young starters under cost control the next few years. Clemson has the right coach with Dabo Swinney. They have star quarterback Deshaun Watson returning. There’s real, legitimate hope . . . no matter how the offseason goes. The Mets and Clemson will be back in the mix next year. Your children won’t know the pain you’ve felt for 30 plus years. Things will be better for you and your children. If you reflect upon it, that’s a great feeling. 

After all the frustrating years, we’re back. Let’s enjoy this run while it lasts. It doesn’t happen that often. It’ll be great to see people doing the Teufel Shuffle all the way from New York to South Carolina. 

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