Grayson Needs Your Help

When my son was born, it was not pure exhilaration. It was panic. It was screaming and yelling. When he was born, he didn’t breathe right away. My wife passed out. He was taken from us immediately. The Apgar score was initially a three. Luckily, the NICU team was able to get him to breathe and everything else fell in line by the time they revived my wife. 

They allowed us some brief time before taking him to the NICU. I followed him to the unit. We were lucky. He was out of the unit the same day. I never really got a full explanation what happened. I’m not sure I cared either. He was alright. Sure, there were a number of follow-up appointments with the doctors. They were weekly. Eventually, the appointments stopped, and we started living a normal life. 

There is not one day that goes by that I don’t think about that fear. The helplessness of standing there with my wife and son in trouble. However, I’m lucky. They were and are both okay. However, there are parents that this is their everyday. If you haven’t lived through it, it’s unexplainable. It really is. 

You need help from everyone, whether it’s a friendly phone call, a hot meal, or sometimes money. That’s why I’m writing this. While my hell ended, a good friend of mine is living it now, and he needs help. He needs more help than you can imagine. He needs help with the medicals bills.

With that said, I ask if you read this blog, please contribute. Here’s the link. I promise this is the only time I’ll ask anything like this. I can assure you this is legitimate. I don’t care the amount. Any little bit you can contribute will help. I thank you in advance, and promise to return to Mets baseball tomorrow. 

One last thing. No matter what you contribute, if you contribute anything at all, please say a prayer for Grayson. 

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