Bring Back Ike Davis . . . No, Seriously

I remember years ago the Milwaukee Brewers carried a relief pitcher by the name of Brooks Kieschnick. He failed as an everyday player, so he returned to becoming a pitcher as he was in college. He then became an average (at best) reliever, pinch hitter, and DH. 

I believe this could and should be Ike Davis‘ future in the major leagues. He once was extremely promising as a good defensive slugging first baseman. It may just be the Valley Fever, but he never fulfilled that promise. The Mets gave up on him and traded him to the Pirates. The A’s purchased him in the offseason from the Pirates. After a forgettable year, the A’s decided not to tender him a contract making him a free agent. 

Actually, forgettable was the wrong word because Davis had a memorable relief appearance:

It was a long time ago, but Davis was a college pitcher, who had a 2.25 ERA at Arizona State. In his lone relief appearance, he fastball hit 88 MPH and he appeared to have a slider. If Davis works at it, it’s possible he could have the type of stuff he once had:

I’m not saying it’s likely, but it is possible that Davis could make himself an effective reliever and/or LOOGY. Considering the fact that he hit .229/.301/.350 last year, I’m not sure how many teams want him as a first baseman anymore. Why not become a reliever. If he succeeds in the conversion, he becomes quite a weapon. 

First of all, a team can never have enough relievers. Guys who can get lefties out will always have value. Furthermore, for all of his faults, we know he has power. He could be a viable pinch hitter or a DH in the event he’s pitched too many days in a row. With his glove, he could play first in an emergency situation. 

Now, this only makes sense if he comes back on a minor league deal. You don’t want to waste a spot on the 40 man roster if he can’t hack it. I’d extend the minor league offer with an invitation to Speing Training as a reliever. If he can do it, great. If not, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

As a reliever on a minor league deal, I like Ike again. 

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