No NFL for Me Today

I’m not watching the NFL today. The reason is plain and simple. I’m tired of them. On Friday, Deadspin released the photographs and documents establishing why Greg Hardy was suspended. ESPN had an Outside the Lines report on the same issue. 

Yes, the NFL’s initial 10 game suspension was reduced after Hardy’s appeal. However, that’s not the issue. The issue is he was a free agent. The Cowboys were happy to sign him. He’s seen as a leader in the Cowboys’ locker room. That’s the thing, for all of their public contempt of him, the NFL wants him in the league. Just process that for a second. The NFL thinks it’s a better league with him in it. 

Also, Jerry Jones comments about the photos ring hollow:

So what if you didn’t see the photos?  How could you tell me you take the issue seriously when you signed him to a contract knowing there was a domestic violence issue?  If Hardy broke a bone in the woman’s body, would that have gone too far?  

Am I supposed to applaud you because you’re giving this creep a second chance?  How about giving Joseph Randle a second shot?  Oh wait, he stole underwear and mocked Dez Bryant. Seriously, in the NFL that is a worse offense than beating a woman. Smack a woman around, but don’t talk badly about Dez Bryant. 

So I’m not watching today. I may not watch next week either. Seriously, at what point do we get up as a society and say this isn’t alright?  I’m taking a small admittedly inconsequential stand today. I hope you join me because the NFL is not getting the message that hitting women and children is not alright.