No Contrived Trade Rumors

The Mets have some definite holes on their team. They did in 2015, but those holes didn’t prevent them from making the World Series. One of those holes continues to be the SS position. Unfortunately, the free agent market doesn’t appear to be a solution. That means you either roll with what you have or make a trade. 

Now, everyone on the Mets roster can be traded except David Wright, who is a 5-and-10 player meaning the Mets can’t trade him without his permission. So other than him, any player on the roster is available for trade. No one is ever untouchable. Not even Noah Syndergaard. If the Angels call tomorrow and offer Mike Trout for him, you’re making the deal. 

With that said, we’re pretty sure that is not going to happen. Funny thing is, I’m sure there are Mets fans who would object to such a trade. Overall, I’m not going to create trade rumors because you wind up sounding ridiculous. Sure, I’ll comment on rumors that exist as I’ve done in the past. However, it’s another thing to create them.

So I won’t be doing anything like suggesting the Mets trade Matt Harvey for Xander Bogaerts or Corey Seager. First, you’re assuming either team would do it. Second, you’re only creating the same unfillable SS hole on another team when there is decent to great starting pitchers on the free agent market. Seriously, are we to assume the Red Sox and Dodgers need to trade young SS because they can’t afford to pay Zack Greinke or David Price?

Furthermore, the Mets starting pitching is the reason the Mets were able to stay afloat. It’s the reason the Mets made it to and were competitive in the World Series. Great starting pitching covers up a lot. When you deal from a position of strength, you only serve to weaken yourself. So no, I don’t advocate trading the starting pitching. 

I also don’t advocate creating rumors out of thin air. 

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