Mets Treat the Military Well

With free agency in the works, you already have heard people getting upset with the team for not doing anything before any offseason moves have been made. Today, I think we should put that aside and acknowledge something they do well. They are very respectful to our veterans. 

Each and every year, the Mets team makes a visit to Walter Reed Medical Center. They go and visit troops who have been injured protecting our country. These people sacrificed so we don’t need to. Visiting these soldiers in the hospital may not seem much, but it’s more than most people do. The Mets should be commended for organizing this. 

Also, the Mets honor our military with Military Mondays. No, I don’t mean the jerseys. Military members are admitted free and three people who go to the game with them receive discounted tickets. The Mets Team Store also offers veterans a discount on all merchandise purchased in the store. 

The Mets also honor veterans during the game giving them an incredible seat to a game and a flag that once hung over Citi Field. 

I hope one day my Dad gets this honor. 

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