The Slide Debate

If you’ve been on Twitter, Instagram, or another social media site I’m not yet aware of because I’m getting old, chances are you’ve seen Daniel Murphy‘s takeout slide against Chase Utley:


Here’s the thing. If you want to tell me it’s a dirty play because Murphy can’t touch second, fine. However, you must concede two points: (1) Murphy slid; and (2) Utley could’ve avoided contact by sidestepping or jumping. With that in mind, let’s look at Utley’s slide again:

To avoid any confusion, here’s a still of the point of impact:


Is this the same slide as Murphy’s?  Could Ruben Tejada protect himself?  Of course not. Even if Tejada didn’t spin, with the way Utley slid/tackled Tejada, Utley’s arms are at Tejada’s hips. His face is buried in Tejada’s abdomen. This is not a baseball play. Stop kidding yourself. 

Another point, people have picked the ONE questionable slide in Murphy’s career. Utley is a guy with a reputation for being dirty:

So tell me this, how are these two plays or players comparable?  If you’re answer is anything other than they’re not, your a Dodger fan, hate the Mets, or both.