I’m Going to Miss the Little Guy Tonight

I’m going to the Mets game tonight with my Dad and brother just as I always have. Starting last year, we started bringing my son to games with us. I’m not bringing him tonight, and I’m going to miss him. 

He loves Citi Field. He loves the mini-baseball field. He loves Mr. Met. He actually sits and watches the games there. If I stayed he tonight, he would have watched the game with me all excited until he couldn’t anymore. Unfortunately, I’m not going to see the game with him. It’s not going to be the same.

However, I decided I couldn’t bring him. The game is too late. I usually get tickets by the Fan Fest area so we can go back there to see Mr. Met and run around a bit. I’m in the right field promenade today. It’s too far to shuttle back and forth. Also, it’s going to be cold and windy up there. I don’t want him cold and tired all night. 

So I’m going to go to the game tonight. I’ll miss him. I’ll feel guilty. However, I can’t wait to be at the game tonight. I’ll have to get him a souvenir just to remove some of the guilt. Perhaps I’ll get him some NLCS stuff. 

By the way, I should say here my wife is amazing. After a hard day of work, she’s going to take care of our very energetic son tonight by herself. I don’t say it enough, but she’s an incredible woman, and I’m lucky to have her. I’ll miss you too honey.

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