Homefield Magic Number is 3

With all due respect to Rafael Santana, the only choice for Homefield Magic Number 3 is Bud Harrelson:

He has been involved in more postseason and World Series games than anyone in Mets history. He was the SS on the 1969 Miracle Mets and the 1973 Mets. He was the third base coach for the 1986 World Series winning team, and the 1988 team.  He was the inaugural member of the Mets Hall of Fame. 

He’s the biggest winner the Mets have ever known. He’s one of the few who had two Mets World Series rings. He was never one to back down. He embodies the spirit these Mets will need in order to win the World Series this year. 

Hopefully, the Mets on this team will win multiple World Series like Harrelson did. 

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  1. Nicole says:

    I really thought you were going to say 13 (i.e. Black Cat and Granderson). I’m pleasantly surprised it’s 3. That’s the # on my softball jersey for the team known as the “Subp🔫anos” (with the gun in the shape of an r, of course), from when I was stationed on the sub base in Hawaii (my idea, BTW). Maybe I am their good luck muse, after all? It would explaine so much. The Met’s are the reason I joined the Navy.

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