Gold Glove Defensive Replacement

After a promising year last year, Juan Lagares had a down year. The Mets knew it was a problem, so they pulled the trigger on the Yoenis Cespedes trade. With the Dodgers lefties coming into this series, Terry Collins has elected to go with Michael Cuddyer over Lagares. 

However, that is only in the starting lineup. This is going to be a close series. When and if, the Mets get a lead, they’re going to have to protect it. This means defensive replacements and double switches. This will get more innings to the Mets incredible bullpen (which is their biggest advantage), and they will get better fielders out there. 

Getting Lagares into the game moves Cespedes to LF, where he is much better suited. It also puts Lagares in center, so he can do Lagares things:

In my heart of hearts, I know the Mets are going to need his defense. This year’s golden moment is going to be better than any play he made last year. 

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