Yoenisly Didn’t Think He Would Remain that Hot

Since the tradeYoenis Cespedes has been insanely hot. He was carrying a vastly improved offense. With his play, fans have been clamoring to re-sign him. They wanted to make him the MVP

Well, he’s come crashing down to earth. He’s 0-16 with a .194 Citi Field batting average. It’s a slump. Just as we couldn’t believe his earlier numbers would hold true, we can’t overreact to this slump. His early stats with the Mets were not congruent with his career numbers. Early on, he was hitting, .307/.354/.660. As he’s not Babe Ruth, these numbers weren’t sustainable. 

Another reason why these numbers aren’t sustainable is the fact that it isn’t who Cespedes is. Cespedes is a career .270/.318/.486 hitter. Now, he may improve due to a change in leagues or the presence of Kevin Long, but not that much. So as much as his recent hot streak wasn’t him, this cold snap isn’t him either. 

He’ll settle in as the hitter he’s always been, which is a terrific player. He’s a cleanup hitter. He’s just not the player you thought he was. That’s fine. I’m happy with the player he is. We need that player to win the World Series. 

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