Where’s Dario Alvarez?

The Mets have announced what I presume is their first group of September call-ups. These players include Eric CampbellKevin PlaweckiKirk Nieuwenhuis, and Eric Young, Jr.  It’s fitting these four are the ones being called up first because they have a legitimate shot at being on the postseason roster, especially Plawecki. 

When I looked at this list, I was surprised that Dario Alvarez‘s name wasn’t on the list. With Eric O’Flaherty struggling and the Mets refusal to put Steven Matz in the bullpen, there are no lefty options. As the August 31st waiver trade deadline has passed, another one cannot be acquired. The Mets need to figure this out. 

The Las Vegas 51s season ends on the 7th. They’re in last place, so there won’t be any playoffs for them. The Mets apparently don’t care about the 51s season, and nor should they. That’s why they gutted their roster. Why they left Alvarez behind is beyond me. He’s been terrific in AAA. He is 2-1 with a 2.61 ERA and a 0.871 WHIP.  

Alvarez belongs in the majors, especially with the LOOGY problem unresolved. I don’t know that Alvarez is ready to be a LOOGY. I don’t know if O’Flaherty can fix his issues in September to become the LOOGY the Mets need in the playoffs. What I do know is the Mets need to figure something out soon. They could be facing Adrian GonzalezJason HeywardMatt CarpenterPedro Alvarez, and/or Anthony Rizzo. It would be nice to have a lefty to get those guys out. 

It’s funny with all the Mets moves, this is the one area they haven’t been able to properly address. I’d hate to see them LEFT out of October glory for that reason. 

UPDATE: it was pointed out to me by Jack Ramsey that Alvarez is not available to be called up until tomorrow. This post will be more pertinent tomorrow. 

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  1. Patrick says:

    I believe this might be a moment of being personal over profesdional.
    Could be summer sandys lighter touch.
    Alvarez has good stats, especially against lefties where the metsies are dying for a LOOGY.
    Is his lighter touch ignorance?, is it complacancy? Is it defiance? Is it a combination of all 3?
    To ignorance: mets have one of best (ERA) pens in NL
    To complacancy: mets are way ahead of rebuilding schedule and have one of the best closers in baseball (with clippard, it forms a formidable 8 th and 9th – even If hold + saves don’t hold up season long not factoring in clippard transaction).
    To defiance: metsies are ahead of schedule. And summer sandy (much to his refusals) is cash strapped.
    So where’s alvarez? I think somewhere between all listed above. He’ll be up mid september. 9/1 v 9/14????
    Talks to bravado of team (and their “innings limit”). Matz will spell thor next stop. Harvey got skipped for varrett. Those skips, in actuality, mean (statistically) NOTHING.
    Sorry to divulge. But, alvarez’s team isn’t going anywhere. The “skipping” starters isn’t (statistically) giving any returns. So, again, what’s the point? Because alvarez could be a good assett.
    Sometimes, the most confusing questions (and tempoetry solutions) have the most simplistic answers…
    Mets don’t want to overload their roster. Don’t want to overload the pen. O’flarerty is still the loogy (hoping be can figure that out, esp w trade on sandys end). Still need to see what parnell can offer (if anything). They’re some answers…
    Summer sandy giving terry alvarez now gives him additional options that might infringe on a true playoff roster valuation.
    It’s effectively forcing terry to test what we have beyond clippard and familia (in games we need more).
    Best explanation I can come up with. And, to me, it kind of makes sense. Otherwise, I’m devoid of his concept

    1. Patrick says:

      Hold off on alvarez, until NOTHING works or its mid September. That’s what I have to believe summer sandy is thinking.
      I trust in sandy. Whether he brings up alvarez tomorrow (earliest he can do) or holds off to prevent terry from going x y z to clippard famailia, I’m on board
      If this goes beyond mid September, I’ll get worried

      1. metsdaddy says:

        I don’t trust in Sandy. This is the same guy who thought Montero was better than deGrom.

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