Transparency in My Votes

I’m a card carrying member of the IBWAA, which means I have the opportunity to vote on the following year end awards:

  1. NL & AL MVP
  2. NL & AL Cy Young
  3. NL & AL Rookie of the Year
  4. NL & AL Manager of the Year
  5. NL & AL Reliever

Now, this blog is about two things: the Mets and being a father. With the NL categories, I haven’t made my mind up, but I suspect the Mets could be featured in any of the above categories. With the AL, there obviously will be no Mets featured unless I vote for Yoenis Cespedes for AL MVP. I’m kidding of course. 

I’m going to publish all of my votes and my reasons for my vote, whether I voted for a Met or not in any particular catergory. The reason why is that I obviously have opinions, and I try to back them up. I now have an opportunity to vote my convictions. It’s one thing for me to say Cespedes isn’t the MVP, it’s another for me not to pick him as an MVP. 

As you know, I have a son. I want to tell him to stand behind his convictions. If I can’t do it here, how can I convince him to do it in the future?  Seriously, if I can’t back up my vote for something relatively meaningless like an MVP vote, how can I have that conviction when it’s truly needed?

So with all that in mind, I will make my votes available on the site. Thank you for reading. 

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