This is 2015

The Mets went a spectacular 20-8 in the month of August. It was a month that saw them start the month two games out and finish the month with a 6.5 game lead. The Mets record went from three games to 15 games over .500. How did that happen?

Some will tell you this is due to Terry Collins and his credentials as a Manager of the Year candidate. Some will point to the acquisition of Yoenis Cespedes. Some will say the Mets season now has a 1986 or 2000 feel to it. These are lazy points. For fans that lived through those seasons, does this year feel anything like those seasons?  Of course, the answer is no. 

You want to know what is happening. The trade acquisitions have helped. Terry Collins has gone from the glue holding everything together to become their biggest liability.  So what was the biggest reason the Mets had a tremendous month?  It was an easy schedule. 

The a Mets had five series against last place teams in August. The combined winning percentage of the Mets’ August opponents currently stands at .471. If you eliminate the Pirates team that swept them at home, the winning percentage of the Mets’ August opponents is .451. You’re supposed to go 20-8 against that schedule. 

I’m not discounting August. If you’re a good team, you best the team’s you are supposed to beat. The Mets have done that. If they continue, they’ll win the division easily. The combined winning percentages of the Mets remaining opponents is .447. If you eliminate the Yankees, that winning percentage dips to .426. 

Hopefully, this information will put to rest any 2007/2008 talk we’re bound to hear if the Mets lose a couple of games. The narrative is lazy, and you see it everywhere. How about something fresh?  How about something along the lines of this season is bizarre, and we’re not likely to see another one like it?  

Each and every season is unique. When a winning one comes along, you should enjoy it. Enjoy the ride and don’t concern yourself with season’s past. Live in the moment. Embrace it. Don’t get wrapped up in prior years. Get wrapped up in this one. Lets Go Mets!

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