Murphy Should Not Play This Weekend

After leaving Wednesday’s game with a quad injury, Daniel Murphy traveled with the team to Miami. Unlike Lucas Duda, Murphy was actually examined, and it was determined he has a mild quad strain

This is the type of injury that lingers and gets worse if you push it. Murphy injured the same quad in June requiring a stay on the DL. There’s nothing to suggest the two injuries are related unless you are suggesting that Murphy is prone to minor leg injuries. 

As of right now, the Mets have a six game lead. They’re playing a terrible Marlins team. They have a viable first base option with Michael Cuddyer, who has been hitting .327/.383./.509 over the past four weeks. At second, they’ve been playing Kelly Johnson against RHP.  Once he returns from Venezuela, Wilmer Flores [standing ovation] can play second. 

If Flores isn’t ready to play Saturday or Sunday, Terry Collins has shown the willingness to play Juan Uribe there. If Collins wants to give David Wright a day off before a big Nationals series coming up, and Flores still isn’t ready to play, Collins can send Uribe and Eric Campbell out there. If the Mets become desperate, there’s always the possibility of a Dilson Herrera promotion. 

Whatever the scenario, the Mets need to keep Murphy, his bat, and his versatility healthy for October. We don’t know if Duda is coming back. Let’s not thrust Murphy’s availability into question over a relatively meaningless series against the Marlins. 

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