Duda is Not Coming BACK

It was announced today that Lucas Duda will not be coming off the DL on Saturday. This should come as a surprise to anyone

The Mets botched this from the start. They shortened their bench hoping he would be ready in under 15 days. They didn’t even bother to get him a full, proper examination. They rushed him back. He got worse. If the Mets bothered to get him examined and sought proper treatment, Duda could’ve been back already. If he went on the DL by August 13th, he would’ve been eligible to come off the DL by August 28th.  

He’s now eligible to come off the DL on Saturday, September 5th. This would’ve allowed him to get some games in before a big series on the road against the Nationals. Who knows?  He still may be on the DL, but he would’ve been receiving treatment longer. One other small note: minor league seasons are coming to an end preventing Duda from getting some rehab games in the minors. 

It doesn’t matter. The Mets botched the treatment of one of their best players, their biggest power threat. I’m still holding out hope that he can come back in time to get enough reps for the playoffs. Actually, I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. Let’s hope he comes back in time to help the Mets win the division. 

All I know is how the Mets react to injuries has got to change. Sooner or later, it’s going to really harm their chances to win. 

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