Curtis Granderson is the Mets MVP

I’m aware of the MVP talk currently surrounding Yoenis Cespedes. He’s been incredible, but he’s not the MVP of the National League. He can be the Player of the Week. He can be the Player of the Month. He’s not the MVP. He’s not even the Mets MVP. That’s Curtis Granderson

He’s having a terrific season. He leads the league in games played. He has a triple slash line of .285/.365/.455. For traditionalists, he has 23 homers and 64 RBI from the leadoff spot. He has a 4.8 WAR, which is 10th in the NL and fourth among outfielders. He’s also the ready the Mets kept it together long enough for Sandy Alderdon to make the necessary deals. Overall, there is  no Cespedes without Granderson. 

The Mets were once a M*A*S*H* unit with a historically bad offense. Granderson was the only one doing anything. There was talk of moving him out of the leadoff spot, but that was irrelevant because there were never anyone at base. Well, the Mets have players now and Granderson is still contributing:

Without a healthy and productive Granderson, the Mets would win fewer games, and it’s possible they’re not in a position to trade for Cespedes. So, if you love Cespedes, you should love Granderson just as much. 

So overall, Granderson helped the Mets tread water until help arrived. Cespedes is doing all of this in a Mets uniform due to Carlos Gomez and his hip as well as Granderson’s play. That’s why he’s the team MVP this year. 

On another note, he’s a good guy. He was nominated for the 2015 Marvin Miller Award (he’s won before), which is an award that recognizes charitable actions and on the field play. He’s also a nominee this year for the Roberto Clemente Award for his off the field contributions. No, this shouldn’t factor into the fictional 2015 Mets MVP Award, but it is something I wanted to mention. 

So while we all agree Cespedes has been amazing, Granderson is the true Mets MVP. 

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