2015 Mets Magic Number

Previously, I had done multiple posts for 10 when there was no change in the magic number. When I looked over the candidates again, I didn’t believe there was another player worthy of a write-up. Instead, I thought that I should have a master list of every selection I have made. 

Before, I list them out, please keep in mind the rules: (1) I’m focusing on bad, disappointing, or players that haven’t panned out; (2) I must’ve seen the player play; and (3) the player played on bad or disappointing Mets teams. I began the list with 17, and I do not publish anything until the Mets and Nationals have finished their games (if they both played on the same day). 

Without further ado, here’s the master list:

Current Magic Number: 0


Magic Number 0 – Mr. Met

Magic Number 1 – Chris Young

Magic Number 3 – Omar Quintanilla

Magic Number 4 – IV*

Magic Number 5 – Charlie O’Brien

Magic Number 6 – Kelly Shoppach

Magic Number 7 – D.J. Dozier

Magic Number 8 – Carlos Baerga

Magic Number 9 – Craig Brazell

Magic Number 10 – Joe Hieptas & Rey Sanchez

Magic Number 11 – Vince Coleman

Magic Number 12 – Alvaro Espinoza

Magic Number 14 – Ken Boyer

Magic Number 16 – Rick Ankiel

Magic Number 17 – Jeff McKnight

As the Mets have won the NL East, this series has come to a close. I’ve had a lot of fun doing it, and I hope you’ve had fun reading it. It’s now off to the playoffs. 

Lets Go Mets!