Why Conforto Needs to be Sent Down Now

We all know Michael Cuddyer is about to be activated from the DL. As anticipated, he will return to a reduced role, which to his credit, Cuddyer is accepting. Mostly, it seems like Cuddyer will PH and play against tough lefties in place of Lucas Duda or Curtis Granderson

What we don’t know is who is getting sent down to make room for Cuddyer: Eric Campbell or Michael Conforto. Sandy Alderson has made overtures that Conforto may stay up with the team. That’s a mistake. 

The first reason is you’re looking to win now. Here is Conforto’s overall triple slash line: .222/.326/.389. I know it’s a small sample size, but with him being drafted last year, there’s not much more to go on. If he’s sent down, I anticipate, the Mets will replace him with Kelly Johnson against righties and Juan Lagares against lefties. 

Against righties, Johnson has a career triple slash line of .243/.330/.420. Against lefties, Juan Lagares has a career triple slash line of .279/.325/.419. Admittedly, these numbers aren’t great (or even that good). However, these numbers are better than what Conforto is putting up right now. Also, if Cuddyer is playing against tough lefties in place of Granderson or Duda, you know the Mets will also bench Conforto. 

The second reason is you’re going to have to send him down eventually. David Wright is beginning rehab games tonight. Whenever he’s ready to be activated (I’ll have update on this later), another player will have to be sent down.  At that time, we know it’ll be the winner of the Conforto/Campbell showdown from today. Wouldn’t it behoove the Mets to send down Conforto to work on things now while there are still AAA games left to be played?  Campbell is who he is.  Conforto will get better. 

We know Conforto will be called up in September when rosters expand. Would it be better to have him playing part time for two weeks or would it be better to get closer attention in the minors?  Kevin Long has to spend time with everyone now. Let Jack Voigt give Conforto work closely with Conforto. This way when Conforto returns he will be even better for the stretch drive and playoffs. 

The last reason is he’s still a prospect. I agree there is some value to sitting on a major league bench. However, I think there is value in playing everyday. He’s been on the bench for 11 games. If he gets sent down now and called up in September, he will sit on a major league bench for an additional 31 games. Does he really need the additional 20 games on the bench?  These are 20 games that can be spent playing and improving.  Let him improve. 

Overall, I’ve been really impressed with Conforto. So much so that I want the Mets to maximize his potential. His potential isn’t getting maximized on a major league bench. Let’s put the best team out there and let Conforto improve. 

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  1. tarheelcoach says:

    Have you even been watching the games? Johnson has been playing against righties (at 2B usually) and Lagares against lefties already. If you send Conforto down and play Johnson in left, that means more time against righties for either Uribe (.251/.306/.370 against righties), or Flores (.244/.272/.356). Not such a good move.
    And I like how you list Conforto’s overall slash line, but cite Johnson’s line against just righties. Cherry picking a little bit?
    For the record, Conforto is .226/.324/.419 against righties in his limited time, comparable to what Johnson does, and certainly an improvement over Uribe or Flores.

    1. Mets Daddy says:

      Re: Johnson. I’m not cherry picking. I was showing his and Lagares’ stats against Conforto’s overall stats. Im comparing the platoon to a player in Conforto who SHOULD play everyday. Also, I obviously watch everyday.

      Re: Uribe & Flores. I would advocate Flores be a bench bat and Uribe play everyday. Uribe had a better season against righties last year and he’s a good defensive 3B.

      Overall, I’m saying if you’re sending Conforto down, do it now. Let him work on things intensively in AAA and call him up in September. The Mets and Conforto will be better off for it.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. Carlton Krinkle says:

    Stop overthinking things, son. You keep the young fella who can crush the ball, and you demote the other guy who can’t. I understand that it’s easy to have a soft spot for Campbell, but you can’t make these decisions based on emotion.

    1. Mets Daddy says:

      In other posts, I have said Campbell has no place on a major league roster. I agree you should keep the youngster up who’s mashing the ball, but he isn’t.

      Also, I think keeping Conforto is the emotional decision because you’re overlooking Conforto’s stats. While I agree he looks like he belongs, I also think he has some work to do. I’d like to see him do it in AAA so he’ll be even better in September and October.

      Remember when Wright comes back, Conforto will be demoted. Why not demote Conforto a little sooner and have him work on things?

      Thanks for reading.

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