Murphy Hit Ball

My favorite part of this year is seeing my son becoming a baseball fan. At night before bed, he asks to watch baseball. He says, “Go Mets!”  He’s starting to understand what is happening. 

Last night, right after his bath, he identified his second baseball player, Daniel Murphy. In the fifth inning, Murphy hit an RBI single briefly putting the Mets ahead. When it happened, my son said, “Murphy hit ball.”  Later in the game, my son was again able to identify who Murphy was. 

This is special to me because of how great Murphy was when I was lucky to meet him and what he personally had to deal with when his child was born. Upon meeting Murphy, I told him my wife was expecting. He signed an autograph for him and gave me a baseball that I could use to teach him how to play. 

So no matter what happens, I’ll always root for Murphy. He was incredibly kind and generous to my and my then unborn son. I’m glad my son now recognizes him so he can root for him too. 

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