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Jacob deGrom is taking the mound tonight.  Mets fans are all excited for his start tonight.  Why shouldn’t we be.  The man has been “deGrominant,” whether it was him winning Rookie of the Year, his All Star Game appearance, or his terrific 2015 season.  How quickly we all forget that this was never supposed to happen.

When deGrom was first called-up to the Mets, he was supposed to be in the bullpen while Rafael Montero was supposed to be in the rotation.  As we know, deGrom had a strong rookie season, and in the beginning of 2015, it was Montero who was assigned to the bullpen (at least initially).  It turns out that would have been a colossal mistake.  In fact, this should make Mets fans question every pitching move this front office makes.

To be fair, Montero did enter last year ranked ahead of deGrom.  However, that is an independent rating of those two players.  Each organization should know their prospects better than fine sites like Baseball America.  Additionally, this is the same team that gave up on Collin McHugh, a very dependable major league starter for a team that wants to go to a six man rotation, for Eric Young, Jr., who is a part time player on an under .500 Braves team.

It didn’t stop there. Right before the season began, the Mets traded for Alex Torres, who pitched so well he’s in AAA right now. The cost was Cory Mazzoni, who was a prospect the Mets became frustrated with due to his injury history. It should be noted these were non-arm related injuries. Mazzoni has a decent repertoire that makes the 2011 former second round pick a back end starter or reliever. This is something the Mets need now. Instead, the Padres have the prospect and the Mets have dead weight. I just hope we don’t have another Heath Bell situation here. 

This is why I wasn’t happy with the Tyler Clippard and Yoenis Cespedes trades. These are both rentals, who aren’t resigning with the team. If the A’s didn’t trade Clippard to the Mets, then the Nationals overpay or Billy Beane finally accepts the Mets offer. Overall, this is bad negotiation. 

It’s also bad valuation of assets. Remember if not for injuries deGrom would be setting up for Jeurys Familia, or possibly closing while the Mets are figuring out the rotation on a sub .500 team. 

This is why I question this front office. People may disagree with me, but this is partially why I question their treatment of Michael Conforto and Kevin Plawecki. Given their other moves, I think they invite this skepticism. I hope I’m not the only one. 

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  1. Brian McCaffrey says:

    I see your point but I would have to agree to disagree. If we did not make the moves we made at the deadline we would not be in the position we currently are in. Plus, I am all for Conforto staying up as well as wanting Plawecki to stay up. We are a win now team and lets put the best team together we can. You know Met fans would be screaming if Conforto was put down and we kept Cambell (hitting over .200) up.

    1. Mets Daddy says:

      I understand where you are coming from, especially with Plawecki. I also acknowledge this is a much better team with Clippard and Cespedes, but that doesn’t change the fact the Mets gave up too much to get them.

      I know I’m in the minority on Conforto, but I still say he needs to play everyday. Lost in everything, I I have said Conforto should be on the postseason roster.

      1. Patrick says:

        Conforto needs to go the plawecki route and get sent down for regular playing time.
        It might be hard to do now considering he went 2/3 today with 3 runs and a double.
        Collins finally admitted plawecki needs to play everyday after lingering on the bench since d’arnaud returned. He will only be playing everyday for a few weeks as he’s anot easy lock to rejoin the mets with September expanded rosters.
        The same mindset should be employed with conforto.
        This could all be a moot point if duda lands on the 15 day dl, pushing cuddy from the outfield rotation to 1b.

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