Glimpse of the Cespedes Trade Debacle

We may soon find out how bad the Yoenis Cespedes trade was. With an injury to Daniel Norris, the Tigers are pondering calling-up Michael Fulmer

This is salt in the wound after watching Terry Collins throw away the last game in Baltimore. In part, that is because of the ineptitude of the Mets front office in handling the innings restrictions. If Fulmer is truly ready, he could have been used for a spot start over Logan Verrett. This way the Mets bullpen, in the middle of a pennant race, wouldn’t be understaffed for a full week. 

There’s also the possibility if Fulmer stayed with the Mets organization, he wouldn’t be called up to make a spot start. Correction, there is no way they would call him up. Considering they won’t consider Steven Matz in the bullpen, they wouldn’t consider Fulmer there either; especially with the intriguing possibility of Vic Black

Also, don’t misconstrue this as me saying I don’t want Cespedes. It was a sign to the Mets fans and players the team was all-in. The Mets took off since that time. However, this is a question of whether the Mets had to give up Fulmer. I still say they didn’t. Sandy Alderson balked and the departing GM didn’t.  This trade could very well haunt them. 

So in the history of John Smoltz and Jeff Bagwell, the Mets may get a glimpse of what could have been part of their future. 

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  1. Justin says:

    Look — I enjoy reading stuff at this site. But Sandy didn’t balk. The Mets had and still have a surplus of starters. In order to get a true contributor, you need to be willing to dish out players. And that’s what he did. He traded away an A- minor league prospect for an A outfielder, something the Mets have lacked for years.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I’m glad you enjoy reading, but I disagree. He balked. Why not give up a lesser prospect like Ynoa, who still would’ve been a top 10 prospect in the Tigers system? It’s not like the other my teams chasing Cespedes, like the White Sox, could’ve matched.

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