Kazmir Continues to Haunt Mets Fans

Scott Kazmir is in the news again, and yet again, it makes Mets fans want to tear their hair out. First, he was inexplicably traded for Victor Zambrano. Then, we were enlightened how the Mets drafting of Kazmir symbolized yet again how bad the Mets front office was. Now, he’s the first player traded at a time when Mets fans have been begging the front office to do anything to help this offense. 

It’s also notable this trade was completed by fellow 1962 expansion franchise Houston Astros. Much like the Astros, the Mets are competing ahead of schedule. Unlike the Mets, the Astros have made a move AND maybe looking to make more. Mets fans hear they won’t pick the remaining portion of Ben Zobrist’s salary. It’s disheartening. However, the good news is that apparently the market was set low with only lower-end A ball prospects being traded. 

Maybe this trade will launch the Mets into action. There are already rumblings Michael Conforto will be called-up. I suspect they may start being tied to some players. Hopefully, they can pull the trigger on a deal. 

0 thoughts on “Kazmir Continues to Haunt Mets Fans”

  1. Patrick says:

    Still remember that zambrano kazmir trade.
    My reaction: WOW!!!!! Hate to give up kazmir, but CARLOS zambrano!!!!!
    Imagine my disappointment when I found out it was the DEVILray zambrano….
    As E.T. would say, ooooooooooooooooooooooooooouch

    1. metsdaddy says:

      I had the same reaction vis-a-vis originally thinking the Mets got Carlos Zambrano and being okay with the trade.

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