It’s Deja Vu . . . All Over Again

Thor had a terrific start, but he couldn’t let Granderson’s keynote address hold up. I think we can all agree when a pitcher gives up 2 runs over 7 innings, you’re team should win the game. After Peralta’s HR, most Mets fans believed the game was over, and they were right. 

Even with the noise made in the ninth inning, the Mets really did nothing in this game offensively. This is the reason the Mets can’t make a move. There are just too many holes. If you patch one all that means is you’re going to sink slower. However, keep in mind you’re still going to sink. 

If the Mets are inevitably going to miss the postseason, trade or no trade, why not keep your assets for the offseason or for a mid-season trade next year? I’m not giving the front office a pass because this roster was too weak to start the season. Instead what I’m saying is don’t make a bigger mistake to cover-up the mistake made coming into the season. 

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  1. Patrick says:

    I agree the mets need to be restrictive at the trade deadline. With so many teams in “contention”, the price of an undervalued player will be overvaluated.
    This mets team is, by far, the most frustrating to watch. The moment the opposition scores the 1st run, we mets fans are all conditioned to accept the loss.
    But, the question remains. How does this relate to the front office? Given this pitching depth and (what should be a financially expendable) ny market based organization…
    I wonder “why not us?” NOT as an inspirational cry to our beloved mets; but as a legitimate question to our inept owners

  2. Patrick says:

    You assume the mets won’t be in contention for the 2nd wildcard slot.
    Theoretically (at all star break), the mets are eyeing the pirates, cubs and giants.
    I believe they can be in the top 2 of those 4 teams. Will it be painless? With this team, absolutely not.
    Possible? Absolutely. We just witnessed, and fell in love with, a flawed team in the royals last year.
    As mets fans, we need to stop with the “now” Yankee protocols (that we could never perfect).
    If we make the wild card on the back of our pitching this year, I’d love it. I give 80/20 in our favor for wildcard.
    Forget the 80s teams before 86. Forget the late 90s before 2000. ESPECIALLY forget the (flawed) teams surrounding 2006.
    This roster has 69 potential with added potential of making 73 a winner.

    1. metsdaddy says:

      Statistically, the Mets have a better shot at the division (24.7%) than the Wild Card (12.1%).

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